Sunday, May 16, 2010


You know it's a pretty sorry state of affairs when you see something like this coming out of my kitchen:

Mr F got the pick of the litter from the grocery store bakery... (yum?!). I didn't even have matching numbers. What do you want from me?!... We had a showing.

My mother flew Mr F in for his birthday. His job was kind enough to give him Friday off (which seeing as he literally works over 100 hours a week he kind of had coming to him). Of course because of the showing he spent it mowing the lawn while I scrubbed the floors. Oh well... he's a grown up. I did let him pick something out at Target. As I said "You can have anything you want... even Merona."

I also made him weigh himself before bed. Happy Birthday Honey, let's see how fat you are! Something like that. Mr F always goes for it because he has some weird ability to lose weight while drinking soda and eating candy while he works all night long. Then I get all ticked off that I have to work myself into the ground to lose a pound. So he's gotten kind of cocky about it. Well, Sweet baby Jesus... that man has gained 13 pounds in the 2 months he's been in Michigan! (Of course I was kind of happy about that because it just makes me seem even thinner... yes?). I think I said something like "You're gaining more than a pound a week... What are you, pregnant?!" Oh God, it was good times. The next morning as we were eating breakfast at McDonald's (what?! I said we had a showing), I was reading the nutritional info to Mr F. Mr F said "I guess that's where I've been going wrong... the sausage."

Happy Birthday Mr F!


julie said...

Happy Birthday, Mr F!

I am proud of you, Mrs F, that you bought the cake rather than kill yourself baking one right now.

Awesome that he was home with you guys this weekend.

G in Berlin said...

I love to read your blog. No matter what crap goes on in my weirdly parallel life, you are so much funnier (and thinner!). Unfortunately, my husband, while working in another city 4 days a week and living in a hotel, gets to use that hotel gym every evening nd is in fine shape, while I take care of the kids and am a blob.

Preppy Mama said...

Too funny! Happy Birthday Mr. F!!!

Mrs Furious said...

thank you... you know it was hard for me to let the expectation go... but we all lived.

G in Berlin,
His gaining weight was like a little gift to me. Yes, I have a sickness. Seriously, and it's hard to put into words, if he was improving himself while I'm still stuck here it would only make me feel worse. Like he's living a completely new life. Although after the somewhat shocking weigh in, I did urge him to join the gym by his job.

Preppy Mama,
Did you get the Merona joke? I'm hoping that isn't over most people's heads! But you know Merona is the Calvin Klein of Target ;)

Gigs said...

So nice of your mom to send Mr. F. home for his birthday. Who cares about the's quality time with the family (and lawn mower!). Sounds like your grandma's cooking and the nights out on the town are catching up with Mr. F... or maybe it IS just the sausage!

Happy birthday Mr. F... Just FYI, 42 was the year everything started to fall apart on me. I even had to get bifocals...So good luck!

Reesa said...

bahahaha, I thought this was a picture of Mr. F. begging for forgiveness. The way this pops up on my laptop means I have to scroll down to see the whole picture, so I didn't see the cake at first. I literally started laughing out loud, thinking you had snapped a picture of him like that. oh good times.

Happy Birthday Mr. F.!

Smitty said...

Happy Birthday Mr F!

I will take some of the blame for the weight-gain. Arbor Brewing plus massive burgers = a couple of pounds.

Rah said...

hahah...merona:) too funny!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Mr. F

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