Sunday, May 2, 2010

So Does It Seem Weird To Anyone

That we were inundated with showings and interest RIGHT up until we went on Easter break.

While we were gone we had our realtor shut off our courtesy call and just let the realtors go on through.

During that time a couple more people came through.

Then on our return we told our realtor to call the schedulers and set up our old protocol.


Even though we lowered our price.

I know that maybe I'm being paranoid... but it has been over 3 weeks and the only thing I know happened in that time is that he called and changed our scheduling contact information.

What if he turned it back on with the wrong phone number?

It's possible, right?

I'm not sure I would call that *wishful thinking*, because if that is the case we'll have to fire our realtor, and we may have lost potential offers, AND we will have lowered our price unnecessarily.

So I'm not sure I'm *hoping* that's what happened, but I do, now, need to know that it isn't.


G in Berlin said...

We have the same thing- showings before Easter, none since. I am starting to freak out a bit too. I'm hoping that May will bring something.WE keep being told that it "showed well", that everything is good- but it's still there!

Mrs Furious said...

It's rough. All the early interest is messing with my mind. We even ran completely out of fliers less than a week after they were stocked this past week and still no calls! Gah! I need to get out of here...

HL said...

Can you have someone test the number, i.e fake interest?

julie said...

Just long was this house on the market when you guys bought it?

This is really tough. Sorry you have to do this all alone, too, with Mr F up in Michigan.

Mrs Furious said...

I thought of that. I talked with the schedulers and they do have the right number (I even called my own cell to be sure I had the right number... can't be too thorough!).

It was on the market just about 90 days when we bought it. It's been about 65 days for us now. I'm hoping the slow down is really end of school year related like our realtor says and we'll see things pick up in June (or sooner!!!). We came down and saw this house in June when we bought it. It is true that that is a busy real estate time. No sign of the rodent today... maybe it moved on?!

AT22 said...

I don't know how the market it there, but I've seen decently priced, nice houses sit here for around 3 months. That seems to be the norm -- but they are eventually selling. I'm sure it feels like a lifetime, especially by yourself down there, but be patient. This is a tough market.

lindalou said...

I think the tax credit has expired...for house purchases...I may be wrong....I, though.

Mrs Furious said...

I know it's only been 2.5 months. If we were having showings I'd feel better. I wish I just had a psychic to say "your house will sell in 5 months" or whatever so I can just know and have a deadline. It's the limbo that kills me.

yeah it expired. Our house is pretty much out of the price range for first time buyers so our realtor didn't think that would make too much of a difference for us. Yet the halt in showings makes me think otherwise.

lindalou said...

Yea, but not only first time buyers got the credit....they got the biggest credit, thought....anyway ....hope things turn around.
Nothing selling here in Lititz, PA either.
But yours will!!

Deb said...

May is an absurdly busy time for families with school-aged kids, and your home is definitely a family home. I know our family has been on pins and needles waiting for news on our next move, but I have been praying fervently that it doesn't happen this month. I'm too busy to deal with that right now. Everyone I know has insane calendars over the next month. Hopefully it will pick back up in June!

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