Saturday, May 1, 2010

And Now I'm In Tears

"Mommy there is some kind of animal eating in our yard." Baby announces.

"It's true there is. It lives in that hole." Kid follows.




Bare tail (it makes me gag just to write it).

For fucking real.

I can't take anymore.

You know I have a SEVERE rodent phobia right?

You can think it's ridiculous all you want... It's not something I can control.

And you know I'm trying to sell my house.

And there is a big old rodent sitting right in front of my house.

WTF is going on?

Exterminators are being called.

But how will we leave the house until they can come?


Claire said...

I remember sitting and having dinner in the dining room of a lovely English Tudor home we were living in (in the ground swimming pool and all that don't you know)- anyway - and looking out the lovely bay window into our lovely backyard and there walking casually across the top of the lovely stone wall was THE BIGGEST UGLIEST RAT I have ever seen!!! I wanted out of that house so badly after that - it was awful and I really sympathize with you - wish I could be there to help you and you didn't have to go through this alone.

wootini said...

Oh no, Mrs. F it is just one thing after another. I'm so sorry!

julie said...


This is insane! I literally am floored on this one.

Okay, I am saying prayers for you. For real.

sara said...

So sorry, Mrs. Furious. That is just too much. Rodents ARE scary.


Mrs Furious said...

I'm hoping it's a gopher. Not sure since I'm too scared of it to get a good look. But it was out in the day (so not nocturnal... although I've seen plenty of rats in the day) and it lives in a burrow. Now I've seen since being gone that it also tried to dig a new hole. Hopefully that points to gopher. Still don't want a gopher either. Especially if it's going to eat my gardens. I still have to run at top speed from my door out the gate to my car without looking so I don't see it.

inkelywinkely said...

That's a possum, woman.
Tell me, doe sit look like this? They are big down here in the south when it gets hot.

Mrs Furious said...

It doesn't look anything like a possum. It's more brown. It's smaller and it has a tail (again don't want to get too close) that is not pink but more mouse-like... but bigger animal than a mouse. I'll see if I see it today.

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