Friday, April 30, 2010

I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore

I don't want to deal with this anymore.

The property line.

I mean REALLY. I hate confrontation and they've pushed me to have to do it several times a day for the last three days.

I've spent nearly an entire day mowing my lawn, like a damn covert mission, to keep tabs on their bogus construction. I'm exhausted. And probably burnt.

I just want to sell my house.

And this is not going to help. At all.

Dear Neighbor,

Please move your excavator slightly to the left, and out of view, so potential buyers don't get freaked out. Please, I beg of you.

P.S Just because you are soft spoken does not mean you aren't also a self serving asshole.


Dear Master of The Universe,

Lice at school? Again? Seriously? Right now?

P.S. Is it true that I have been cursed? Is there an antidote?

Mr F is looking at a house tonight. Possibly making an offer. Not a foreclosure. Two mortgages. Goody.


Marie said...

Really?? REALLY??? And lice again? Can you just say "F#CK it", pack up the kids, clean ONE LAST TIME, and drive to Mr. F and stay with family? Whats one month of school? And the neighbors are going to do whatever they want least you won't be there to be tortured daily by it!

One day you'll look back and laugh about this...when your very old...and demented...and drunk....maybe. :)

lucinda said...

Yes, come hang out at the Little House in the Woods. We are currently deakling with an infestation of ticks instead of lice but they're fairly easy to spot and not the Lyme Disease kind.

Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

oh no! UUUUUUUGH! I hate it for you! Im with them - pack up and get outta dodge!

G in Berlin said...

You know, I had a neighbor who called the police on our asses on a Sundam early morning- because we had put up a property line and 8 days later cut down trees (as allowed) within it. Turns out they had planted their old Christmas trees on our property, and we should have asked permission to cut them down. Since we had a licensed surveyor post our property, we thought it was pretty clear what was ours and that they should be apologizing to us for their trespass. the point is- the police will come and if right is on your side it's very good to get this info (depredations) noted down by the authorities.To add to lawsuits for damages if required.
Sorry for your hassle!

Gypsy Family said...

Blech. I hope all this is over soon! That house is adorable, someone will take it!!! Why can't the neighbor just buy it, then his garage could be as big as he wants! I have heard from other people about tons of ticks lately in MI, what's up w that? Anyway- hugs from us! I drove by a super cute house in Dexter yesterday, it looked very small, but cute!

julie said...

The universe is totally fucking with you.

I mean, c'mon, the neighbor chooses NOW to do this.

I'm scared of what's next.

Angie said...

so so sorry for all this shit?

where are the houses? did he put a bid on one?

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