Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mystery Solved

"My underwear is soaked for some reason." Baby announces as she walks out onto the porch.

"You peed." I suggest.

"Uh... I tried to clean it up with toilet paper, but, it didn't work." Baby adds.



julie said...

omg...that is so funny.

well, funny for me to read. Not so funny for you to clean up.

trifitmom said...

just yesterday i came downstairs and my little one was wiping the bathroom floor with toilet paper i asked what happened, she said i peed. i said go wash your hands and i cleaned it up, she brought a new dress down and asked me to put it on, as i did i realized she had not changed her underwear and they were sopping wet ??? so she wants a new dress, will clean the floor BUT can sit in peed undies ???

Gigs said...

your tags on this are hilarious...

Kim said...

I have been reading for 45 minutes. I'm cracking up. I was a faithful reader for so long, went back to work and fell off my blog wagon. I'm back - this is too funny to miss. And makes me so glad it's not just my life.

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