Monday, June 21, 2010


A lot of stuff has happened:

#1 Took my car in for an oil change and found out I need IMMEDIATE $1200 repairs before I drove to MI.
So, in an effort not to kill my children, I had to postpone our drive a bit until I could get that taken care of. That money had to come out of our moving fund... so U-haul it is.

#2 Mr F did come down and scoop up the apples. Of course the trees have only shed about half, so problem solved on the short term apple front only. He also did some major basement packing, and took a load of kid stuff to Goodwill (shhh) for me. I managed to pack up all my desk stuff (paperwork, etc), all our clothes, and the kids' most important toys & art supplies. I've got the house as good and closed up as I can manage without actually moving out.

#3 We are slumming it tonight crazy Super 8 style. God. It's awful. Ever since putting my No Ho In Hotel Act (aka not staying at motels anymore do to hooker sightings and all around creepy nastiness) into action the girls and I have been living large on the road thanks to Priceline. Well... see #1... and the fact that I haven't had internet access. So here we are. I just told the girls they had to keep their underwear on! And don't sit on the floor! Or the blankets!

"So that chain lock means that if someone tried to get in our room they could only get in the length of the chain?" Kid asks.

"um... right."

And later after discovering dried blood on the pillow:

"So someone's head was bleeding in the night?" Kid asks.

"um... right."

I'm not sure the $40 saving was worth it. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's not.

So, yeah, we're headed up to Michigan. Mr F left this morning and I waited and cleaned the house and then, miracle of miracles, loaded the car and the kids up at 6 PM after the car was finished. Oh did I fail to mention after walking with the kids to get the car in the blazing heat?! Our house is so empty (no food, no TV, no toys) that keeping the kids there for one more night would have been more painful than just hitting the road and getting as far as I could. And I'm just done cleaning, and one more night would mean more touch up cleaning... and it's just not worth it!

Only six and a half hours to go!

And about 3 more Mc Donald's stops!

Let's hope there aren't any bedbugs.

The insect carcasses on the bathroom floor kind of make me think there are.


Me, Only Better said...

Ewww. I hope the trip goes ok and that your life regains some normal soon. ((hugs))

TotallyFried said...

Uh oh...sorry for all your troubles. But maybe on flip side, some cool book deal producer is reading this and would offer you tons of $$$ to write your lead *how do I say it* happening life

Missives From Suburbia said...

Ew, ew, ew. I've never meant this in a literal sense, but sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs bite.

Marie said...

OK..this is like the ultimate "what can happen? its just a move.." story. UG..dried blood..bugs..major gross out!

Have you ever watched the National Lampoons Vacation (or any of those with the Griswold family)?? Because you could really do a "National Lampoons Move to Ann Arbor"...I mean, really, you got the whole script! ;)

SK said...

OH, no--yes, let's hope not!!

gooddog said...

oh mrs. f. ew.
i'll be so glad when the drive is behind you. any news on the MI house lately? i can't wait till things start looking up for the furiouses! because it has to happen ASAP... right?

lucinda said...

I think someone should invent hazzmatt suits for travel. Something lightweight with a little hood that you could zip into before you slept in a hotel bed.

workout mommy said...

yikes and EEEWWWW!!

You are more than welcome to crash at my house next time. (although I'm not sure we are on your direct route?)

We have lots of room and only a few bugs. :)

Drive safe!

Gigs said...

Okay, dried blood and insect carcasses are pretty much the limit for my gross-out factor. I like the hazmat suit idea!

AT22 said...

I had a similar experience at a Super 8 -- we opted to forfeit the night's fee and find another place. Also learned the hard way.

Mrs. Smitty said...

We've had a similar experience at a Days Inn, although luckily it was before kids. Hair on the floor, bugs and the added bonus of its own suicidal man in the room next to us talking to his mom on the phone (yes, the walls were thin!). We checked in super late and it was dark but could not get out of there fast enough in the morning.

Smitty said...

You haven't slept with bugs until you have to empty your boots in the morning of scorpions and tarantulas, who like to sleep in the warm, dark cave that is your boot.

And then there's the Brown Recluses.

P.O.M. said...

The dried blood could have been a sign of the bed bugs too. I got them in New York at a Sheraton. My legs looks disguesting and I have small scars.

You're going to need a major stay-cation after all of this. Like breakfast in bed, massage, etc. (Hear that Mr. F?)

P.O.M. said...

Oops. I meant disgusting.

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