Monday, October 4, 2010

Sneak Peaks

I've been wanting to wait until Kid's room was 100% done... but we're still waiting on those new carpets, and a couple small projects that may or may not get done soon (or ever... although we have the best of intentions!).

You may recall that Kid's room was the first one we tackled (in large part thanks to my Aunt Alice!).

Kid wanted a more grown up room than the one she left behind.

A lot of ideas came and went.

After viewing The Little Princess, and having a large cache of goods from a trip to India, I suggested we go with an Indian theme.

My aunt graciously offered to take it to the next level with her mural skills.


First came the blue:

Then the foliage:

Then the animals:


We're all really happy with it! Unbelievably it only took my aunt three days to paint the entire room! I've had a great time hunting all the finishing touches. I'm also pretty happy that when Kid outgrows this, everything I've bought can be repurposed somewhere else in the house.

The curtains are 2 Saris I brought back from India. Behind them I had cotton sheers from Ikea ($12... cut off tabs and used the hem as a pole pocket). The curtain rod is an old double rod from PB we had.
The bedding is from Ikea ($30/set). The throw pillows are from Cost Plus World Market ($19/ea) in their Eat Love Pray area. The painted mirror is also from CPWM in the clearance section ($40). The painting I brought back from India. The tin lantern I already had. The little jeweled lamp is from Target ($9). The elephant lamp is from an antiques fair ($30), and still needs shades. The little chair and dresser are family antiques I already had. The throw on the chair is a fashion scarf from Target ($12). The bed frames we had and are from Ikea (Minnen... $100?/ea). The bookcase (I'm going to paint) is just a solid wood folding bookcase we've used in our craft area. Bean bag (Kid insisted!... and, well, it is her room) from Target ($19). The bedside table is the old white one we had in her room with a piece of fabric my aunt had swaged over it to hide it. All in all I spent about $185 decorating this room. My aunt furnished the paint (again, thank you!!) so that cost is not included.


We're still waiting on the new carpet. I also think I'm going to put in our large green/purple floral area rug that we had in our old room. We're also going to install a ceiling fan over the beds to replace that light (if I can get one that isn't too expensive we're looking for one of the palm leaf style ones), and a new light fixture closer to the doors. We're also putting up a couple of picture ledges for her to display her collectibles, and hanging the mirror, and hanging that lantern from the ceiling by the left bed to balance out the tree.

And we're going to rearrange the shelves in this mega closet:

To make a built in desk.


julie said...


Miss Theresa said...

What an awesome room! I'm sure Kid loves it!

Rob said...

It looks fantastic!!

Andrea said...

Im jealous you have a muraist in the family. I love the blue Im over PINK. BTW had to let you know Im making your tomato & meatball soup for dinner the perfect fall dish.

Holly said...

Wow, your aunt's skills are impressive. What a fun room!

Komal said...

Love in the Indian theme:) and so jealous that you are back in MI!

Kelly said...

WOW! It's really beautiful. I wish I was that creative!

TotallyFried said...

The kid room is simply amazing!!! I lloooooove the murals.

I am an Indian (from India :) ) and I think using Saree is such a great idea. I will be doing that in near future :)

Thanks for inspiration.

Supermom said...

Love the room!

Ms.Droark said...

You went with the Lowe's carpet install didn't you. Ahrrr they took forever! But your room looks AMAZING!

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