Friday, October 8, 2010

We're Off To See The Wizard

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Of course, last night at midnight, Mr F said "Shall we talk about tomorrow?"

And I knew right then that he was not able to take today off as we had hoped.

He said he'd just go in in the the morning.

I think we all know that "morning" can be a highly variable term.

And, ahem, technically over by now.

I'm expecting a 5 PM departure (as I have all week... I'm no dummy).

Nevermind. More time to make ShrinkyDinks.

Just in case you're wondering our weekend plans include:







(also sleeping in as late as we can, not worrying about bedtime, swimming in the hotel pool, ordering breakfast in bed, and hopefully NOT catching bedbugs)

Just overheard...

"Really, there is no need to put your face in my G!"

So... uh... gotta go.


Smitty said... this a kidless trip??


Elizabeth said...

ooh Chicago!
Are you taking the train or driving?

HC said...

Oooo... Chicago... I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chicago... have a wonderful time guys!

(p.s. been MIA, but in answer to questions from waaaaay back, nope not married, but living happily together, still in new job... which is now old job...and all is coming up roses. :))

julie said... this a kidless trip?? Smitty, you obviously did not look at Mrs F's links. LOL...unless Mr and Mrs F are going to the American Girl store and a Pinkalicious show and cupcake party for a romantic getaway.

Gigs said...

The trip looks awesome. Who doesn't love a long weekend getaway? I hope you packed your secret millions for the American Girl store!

Smitty said...

Julie: LOL...unless Mr and Mrs F are going to the American Girl store and a Pinkalicious

HA! I doubt it. Though I will say, I was at a bachelor party in Chicago a few months ago. One of the attendees has daughters. Watching him pull his massively hung-over ass, unshaven, pale-faced and bloodshot-eyed, into the American Girl doors to bring a gift home for his daughter was enough to pull me out of my own hangover. Truly hysterical.

Mrs Furious said...

That bedtime comment probably threw you off... I just meant not having to go to bed at 8 because of school. We have the kids (unfortunately... just kidding... kind of).

Thanks for giving me the lowdown!

Driving.... it's free with Mr F's work car. We wanted to take the train since it runs through our town 6 times a day... but it was $300 each freaking way!

We were not prepared for Baby to demand her own AG. Kid didn't get one until she was 6. Baby threw the world's BIGGEST fit that she wasn't getting one to look like her (Kid is going the mini me route). We're making them sit on their choices (note I said their... caving) until Sunday, then we'll talk about their spending limit. In fact we're canceling the play and party to cover the dolls ;)

You got it. God, I really hope I wouldn't go to an AG store on my own... but... I fear the truth is I would.

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