Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let Me Just Say

We got our kittens 2 months ago.

And, by now, we could have bought Kid that horse she *really* wanted.


moley said...

Sorry - a whole raft of typing errors!

Anyway I said:

LOL Sympathy and here's hoping that the worming is the last expense, other than food, for a while.

We recently paid about $250 to have a greedy chicken's crop emptied and about the same to have the dog checked out, injected and forced to vomit after she managed to steal some chocolate the kids had left on the table!

G in Berlin said...

Now is the time to suggest checking out pet insurance. As my last pets went through the expense of being old and ill, I kept on reading the brochures in the vet's office and wishing it had existed when my guys were eligible (when young). There are lots of kinds and some cover regular check ups as well as real insurance (so like a discount card for normal expenses as well as real insurance).

Deb said...

In for a penny, in for a pound, eh? I must say if you weren't making me laugh so hard, I'd probably be gagging over the worm shedding imagery you've put in my head.

Can I be a solitary voice against pet insurance? Scaaaam. They cover very little routine care, and the portion of coverage they provide on truly catastrophic health issues is only helpful if they occur with some regularity. In other words, if you get a puppy and pay for pet insurance for seven years, then sit down one day and add up all the money the insurance has paid you versus what you've paid in premiums, don't blame me if you want to punch yourself in the face for wasting loads of money. I warned you. Note: Actual mathematical exercise I performed two years ago, minus the face-punching, and we had some doozy medical emergencies with our dogs over the years. Unless your dog has cancer every year of its life, pet insurance is a total hoax. I'm happy to send you my spreadsheet.

Claire said...

As much as I dearly would love to have a pet waiting to greet me when I come home your experiences have just put the "icing on the cake" for me!!! I'll babysit all the pets you want me to but will gladly hand them off when the owners return. I'm saying no thank you to the vet bills, cleaning anal glands, wiping googy noses, eyes or butts, picking up dog poo or cleaning out litter boxes.
Deb had me laughing between the face punching and the spreadsheets. My heart does go out to Kid and Baby - when my first puppy died, when I was little, I wore his collar and leash around my neck as a memorial - so I understand pet grief.

malpas said...

One day you will look back on this and laugh ( traditional comment)

Mrs Furious said...

I actually heard a whole segment on NPR about pet insurance this summer... that was the synopsis... that it actually encourages clients to spend more on medical treatments than they normally would have. Because we got rescue cats our vet gives up 10% off of everything FOREVER, so I figure that is better than insurance in the long run.

Of course, I have now jinxed myself and the damn cat will have cancer every year for the rest of his life.

Does it make it even more freaking disgusting to know that the place I found the worm segments was in our beds?! The biggest shedding area being right by Kid's head where she sleeps. Let's just hope she doesn't lick her bed while she sleeps...

Tadakala said...

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julie said...

One of my damn cats seems to be living forever with no health issues. She's 17. I can mail her to you if you want. ;)

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