Monday, November 1, 2010

Self Competency... AKA $75 Service Call My Ass

So one of the annoying things that the movers damaged is our dryer...

They put something on top of it.

If we hadn't paid a ton for full coverage we'd just be sitting here slightly annoyed.

Since we did, we of course want this baby fixed.

Along with our dining room table, side table, and as piddly as it sounds... our stainless garbage can (I will note that I would never have made a big deal about that personally... Mr F did).

Well, despite paying more than the total amount it would cost to fix everything for the insurance, the moving company is taking their sweet old time repairing everything.

The other day a furniture repair guy showed up and took pictures and took our tables... but... he doesn't know how to fix the dryer. He suggested I call an appliance repairman to come out and give us an estimate.

Well, I could do that.

Or, thanks to the internet, I could figure out how to repair it my damn self.

Done (it's amazing how motivating NOT having to call repair people... my own strange form of social anxiety... can be).

Now I just need the moving company to pony up for the price of the part.


Deb said...

After multiple cross-country moves, I have grown to despise the repair process. Despise. Brave you!

Jen said...

Wow, I'm impressed. Now how are you going to estimate the cost of that repair? I think you should make out an invoice for your work! Wonder what it would've cost by a repair person?? Between this and the door lock, I think maybe you should open a side business!!

Mrs Furious said...

Considering I guess things went pretty well. Nothing was broken beyond repair... which did happen with some crystal last move.

Oh I'm absolutely billing for the repair. I figure the basic repair charge, just for coming out, is $75. So I think that is completely reasonable. It's not like they will expect I did it myself.

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