Saturday, November 6, 2010


After a long week of work Mr F came home a bit early on Friday(4 PM... shocking!) and we all curled up on the couch and watched this gorgeous remake of Heidi on Netflix.  We loved it.  Mr F and I cried.  (For what it is worth we cry nightly during Lost).

(Seriously, who doesn't love Max Von Sydow?).

This morning we got up and out early to catch the free movie showing of Ramona & Beezus at our local movie theater.  I had been both excited and nervous about this movie.  We love, love, love the entire book series, but I worried that the way they had interpreted and combined story lines would piss me off.  Um... needless worry, outside of John Corbett being John Corbett...  I LOVED IT.  Mr F and I cried.... a lot... even after the movie.  (see previous disclaimer).  

Now, the kids are hiding in leaves while Mr F tries to rake them. 

It's very very scary (as you can see.  Baby's fake fur trim is just terrifying.

I'm inside where it isn't 30 degrees working on this...

Yep, that is how lame we are.

That's it.  We're in that sweet spot between holidays, when we can actually just relax and enjoy our weekend together.  It's rare, and fleeting, but it's making for a good, good, time.  


Golden To Silver Val said...

That video is so sweet, it has rendered me nearly speechless. She is just absolutely adorable!

Deb said... guys as cute as bunny rabbits.

Kiki said...

Ken heard this playing, he's in the kitchen, and shouted, "Is that Charlotte?"....he can't see it and he knew!!! Medley of cuteness was preciousness!!! Loved this!!

P/F said...

Did you see the Amish documentary on Netflix?

moley said...

Oh I haven't seen that version of Heidi. There was a BBC tv show in the 70s that I loved as a kid. I used to watch it with my Nan (Grandma). I've just read the book to Hetty and she loved it! I couldn't work out whether she wrote it before compulsory education laws were passed though.

We also love the Pippi Longstocking books - I wonder how much European literature we miss because it never gets translated into English?

BTW Tell Baby she is the cutest thing ever!

Abbey Hadley said...

Oh, Mrs F...Long time lurker, first (!) time to comment. (huge fan of yours, btw) Just had to express my jealousy of Mr.F's ability to show emotion through tears. 6.5 years of marriage, still not managed to see a tear come out of my husband's eyes. Not at our wedding, not at the birth of our child...nada. Cry your eyes out, Mr. F, it's a gift :)

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks for the comment :)
"Cry your eyes out, Mr. F"
And don't worry... he will ;)

Thanks for the heads up... I've just put it in my queue.

" I wonder how much European literature we miss because it never gets translated into English?"
Good point!

Golden To Silver Val,
Oh I'm glad.

"he can't see it and he knew!"
OH that is cute! The kids talk about you guys and MB all the time.

if you only knew...

Mrs. Smitty said...

She's so cute! For weeks we couldn't see a pumpkin without one (or both) of the Things breaking into the 5 Little Pumpkins song. Which while cute, can get stuck in your head. Luckily there are less pumpkins around now...

Mrs Furious said...

Mrs Smitty,
Ah, yes, I'm living it re: the Old Woman song... unfortunately EVERYTHING seems to trigger it for her. I keep hoping the radio will start playing xmas songs just so I can break her of it and get her to move on to a new rotation.

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