Monday, November 8, 2010

Same Story, Different Year

The time change is kicking my ass.

You'd think gaining an hour would negate the wonkiness of the change... but... no.

I didn't actually gain an hour. I was just awake an hour longer.

And, sure, I appreciate that the sun is on the verge of rising when we get up (for now).... but.... the darkness that sets in an hour earlier in the evening?!... not a fan.

Not a fan.


Torey said...

I'm so with you. My kids don't get the time change, my dogs don't get the time change, and my body doesn't get the time change.

Yesterday dragged ON AND ON AND ON. And I personally don't mind it being dark when in the morning because it means the little ones sleep later.

Ugh. Here's to a whole lot of coffee today!

Mrs Furious said...


I explain the time change to Kid and she was like ...WTF?! (she didn't say that obviously) you can't change what time it really is.
Tell me about it.

Torey said...

You totally should have started homeschooling TODAY! You wouldn't have had to do anything. . .and you could add naptime (or siesta!) to your curriculum!

I'm about to go close Guppy's blinds so tomorrow morning he won't notice the sun waking up so early!

Smitty said...

When I was still knee-deep in party mode, I used to *love* the Fall time change because it meant an extra hour at the bar. One of the bars I frequented had Daylight Savings Drink Specials, from 2:00 am *back* to 1:00 am...and on to the *new* 2:00 am! W00t!

Now? Meh. The worse one is the spring one when you lose an hour, because then you actually *are* waking people up an hour earlier if you are setting an alarm for something. In this one, you get the same amount of sleep, hours-wise (which, for some of us, is still too few). You just roll back one.

Jenny The Bold said...

So since you've got your treadmill up and running are you going to do some progression shots for us? Please? They are so inspiring!

Mrs Furious said...

lol, at least your fond memories of time changes past to look back on.

I don't remember the change ever bothering me until I became a walking sleep deprived zombie.
I feel like someone has been lacing all my food with Ambien.

I'll have to really steel myself up for that. I'll take the shots... it might take me a while (until I've seen some results) until I post them! Last time I didn't start taking them until I was several months in and I was high on my success. I have 10-15 to lose (all fat.... for real) so it should make for some good pictures.

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