Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Long And Short Of It

I'm having another migraine.

This is really starting to affect our quality of life.

The last two days (before the headache) are almost worse than the ensuing head pain (which is incredibly bad).

I just feel like complete shit, physically and emotionally.

Light headed, exhausted, irritable and depressed.

Then it magically lifts and in it's place is a searing, aching, compression in my brain.


And nearly unbearable nausea.

I actually find myself fantasizing about that scene in Grey's Anatomy when Izzy drills into a trapped guys head with a cordless drill.


And the head pain is actually better than the two days of aura.

So that's kind of saying something.

The headache will last anywhere from 24 to 72 hours.

And this has been happening to me EVERY OTHER WEEK.

Every other freaking week.

For the past 5 months.

The thing I'm thankful for?... that this shit didn't start happening until we moved from Asheville. If this had been going on down there... I'd probably have killed myself.

Or developed a really bad drinking habit.

One or the other.


Cara said...

eeek i hope they find a greys anatomy magical cure for you!

Mrs Furious said...

in a way I almost wish that they could find something wrong so that maybe there is a fix... just knowing I'm going to have to live with hormonal induced migraines until I go into menopause... well... that thought kinda blows. I need to find out if the pill would fix this.

oh by the way do you like black licorice?
Trader Joe's has THE CUTEST black licorice scotty dogs... it made me think of you. They are fantastic, too, if you're into licorice.

HC said...

I literally feel your pain. I get migraine with aura, too. I've gotten them since I was in the fourth grade. I understand how they just completely make your life stop, and I hate it when people get a normal, bad headache and call it a migraine. Bad headaches are not migraines. Normal headaches don't make you lose your sight. I once had to pull off the road because I couldn't see well enough to drive and had to just wait it out in a parking lot. Got one while babysitting once and it mimicked a stroke (thank god the kid was good, and ready for bed) -- that put me in the emergency room and led to an mri and the thing where they look at your heart (forget the word) - but all was well, "just a migraine."

I feel very very lucky that I don't get them frequently -- I don't know how I would cope with as many as you're getting. Definitely look into drugs -- I know they've made advances in drugs for chronic sufferers (since mine only come every couple months or so I don't do the daily drug thing, I just medicate heavily when they hit).

I'm actually scared shitless that they'll become a real issue when/if I get pregnant... happy thoughts.

Alexandra said...

I have the real migraines - but mine are infrequent. Like HC, I can't see when I get them and I've thought I was having a stroke at times. Nausea. Pain. Fun stuff. We really feel your pain.

Gigs said...

I don't know what this is like... I had scary nausea/vertigo thanks to an ear issue, where I literally couldn't stand up because the world completely tilted and spun, but it was fixable and nothing like the pain you are describing...although I was sure I had a brain tumor at the time. I'm so sorry this is going on.

I have to comment on the licorice...I am a candy lover and black licorice is one of my favorites. My boss recently ordered little tins of those scotty dogs for us to keep at our desks...delicious...mine didn't last long ;)

Feel better...

Julie said...

I am so sorry. I know I get out of commission when I have just one of those PMS type headaches. Will anything help it????

trifitmom said...

i can't help but think it is enviromental due to the fact that they are happening here but not in ashville ? mold in house ? sorry which i had the magic cure, i have 3 good friends who suffer from them and i know how dibilatating they are

gooddog said...

Oh, Mrs. F, I am so so sorry.
My sister's got so bad that she had a hysterectomy last summer. Most people can't believe that when I tell them it was for migraines, but I bet you can. I hope you feel better and get some relief soon.

My OB/GYN gave me a hormone patch to wear the week of my cycle to try to stabilize my hormones and help the migraines. It did seem to help some- but that was before the whole hormone replacement=bad thing so I don't know now...

Claire said...

I've only had five migraines - one struck during Three Mile Island nuclear mess and I was driving home. When I got home I had to crawl on my hands and knees to get in the house and got on the couch but was facing the window in the stairway and couldn't turn myself around away from the window. I actually end up vomiting when I had them - couldn't stand sound or light and it felt as though someone was splitting my head open with an axe. Haven't had one in years but I haven't forgotten - I'm praying for you.

Karen said...

Oh Mrs. F that sucks! I wish you could find some relief. I don't know what I would do. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

G in Berlin said...

That's really very often for hormonally induced. Have you seen a dr. yet You should prioritze that and also start keeping a log of what you eat and are doing. Migraines can be caused by a lot of things, not just hormones, and I think you should probably be seeing a neurologist now.
I do understand what it can be like to be too busy to see a dr.– I wound up having emergency spinal surgery (ie, 5 days after I first saw a dr.) because I kept putting things off.

HC said...

I second the vote to see a neurologist tout de suite, and to keep tabs on what you're eating. I have the classic food triggers... chocolate, aged cheese, red wine, msg, nuts... basically all things yummy. Some folks get them at peaks of stress, I get them the minute a period of mondo stress recedes (which makes vacations kind of scary). Figuring out your trigger, be it hormones, food, stress, whatev, is challenging.

Mrs Furious said...

You know what I just thought of?

The other thing besides living in a new place?

The CAT.

I wonder if that could be it.

Although why they would be timed by ovulation doesn't make sense.

Doctor on FEB 7th. I needed to wait until after my period.

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