Friday, January 28, 2011


On Thursdays Kid goes to her electives homeschool program. That leaves Baby and I some awkward time to fill in Ann Arbor. With the weather being what it is... we opted to head to the Mall (a newly discovered adventure to Baby after xmas shopping there). We got a smoothie and she played on the indoor play structure.

But the real lure was jewels...

I discovered this Christmas, while searching for gifts for my three teenaged nieces, that Forever 21 was a dress up loving three year old's Mecca. It took her breath away... all of those diamonds in one place. On hooks low enough to reach, no less.

Fabulous jewels, and bobbles, and hair accessories... for practically NO MONEY.

I mean, ridiculously cheap.

Cheaper than children's jewelry from Target.


These are REAL.



Miss Theresa said...

Pfsh.....of course they're REAL! Enjoy that while you can! Baby is an absolute cutie!

HC said...

That whole Coco Chanel "Take one thing off before leaving the house" thing is such BS... she is WORKING those jewels. :)

Gigs said...

It's the whole posture she's got going on...posing in the mirror. You can tell she feels pretty. And yes, she's getting big!

Alexandra said...

Forever 21 is the bomb.

Kiki said...

Holy Moley....she is just so sweet standing there all in love with herself.....I'm going to F21 and going to try the same thing.....maybe I'll look just as good???

Mrs Furious said...

OH she was LOVING herself... and the huge mirrors they have all over that store!

I don't know... if you don't have huge purple snow boots, I'm not sure your jewels will stand out enough. ;)

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