Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nom De Plume

Yesterday the kids sat down to write out some Christmas Thank You notes.

Baby was getting frustrated trying to write out her name (9 letters is a bit much), so I tried to suggest some shortened variations.

"Do you want to try to write your name "Cha Cha" instead?" I offered.

"No! I want to write my name "Peachy 'Panzee"!" Baby said emphatically.

"Okay... but that isn't going to be any easier." I cautioned.

I stand corrected.


lucinda said...

I'm still voting for Chica

Julie said...

Great handwriting for a kid her age. Actually better handwriting than both of my kids at ages 9 &11!

That kid is a firecracker for sure.

P/F said...

Loving Kid's growing-out bangs. She looks lovely.

Gigs said...

love the alliteration... who cares that it's nothing like her actual name!

Missives From Suburbia said...

I LOVE Peachy!! (Cha-Cha is my girl's nickname, so our house would have been thrilled if she'd gone that direction, too.)

Happy belated!!

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