Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Done Deed

I don't know how all of this has come across... but I want to be clear that this has been a HEARTBREAKING decision for us (for me in particular).

After last night's incident we felt we needed to proceed with haste.

The Humane Society had space and Mr F called to tell me that we needed to rush her over there before they closed.

Kid and I sobbed the entire way there.

And all through the intake process.

Then we went to see the cats.

Kid stopped crying.

I looked like I had just buried one of my children.

Or like I had the most raging case of double conjunctivitis ever seen in a human.

Then I proceeded to sob the entire way home.

And then some more when I came in to all of her things strewn about where she left them.

I feel compelled to go there every day and walk her... but I don't know if that's actually good for her... or me.

Plus, we'd probably come home with a cat a day.

I'm really hoping she gets a good loving home this weekend.


Cara said...

Just keep thinking about how it was the right decision. I am so sorry! That sounds awful to deal with!

Gigs said...

I know it's heartbreaking. You're like us, where pets are members of the family. So, I'm sorry for the emotional toll this is taking. But it definitely sounds like you are doing the right thing, and when Sweetpea gets her new cat-free home, she'll be happier too. Don't beat yourself up too much...

trifitmom said...

the right thing is not always the easy thing....

Torey said...

Oh Mrs. F. I'm so sorry for all of you. But I agree (not that it matters) that you made the right decision.

Glad you have a happy (safe) Kitty now!

Jaime said...

Absolutely the best decision for both animals and your family. No question.

Kiki said...

I bet she gets adopted very soon, you were her foster home....just getting her ready for her next family!!!

I'll be keeping you guys in my thoughts!!! XO

Deb said...

What Kiki said. And now the shelter knows not to place the pup in a home with a cat, so you did her and her future owners a favor. Hugs to all of you. It's one more pet loss that you guys didn't deserve.

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