Tuesday, March 22, 2011

That's It

The damn cat just opened the door to the living room (dog's domain). The door has a wonky latch and it must not have been pulled tightly. I came in to find the cat pinned to the ground with the dog biting his neck.

I'm shaking with adrenaline.

And I'm over it.

No question the cat is in danger.

Maybe this is the sign I needed.

They better have an opening tomorrow!


Loralei said...

How scary! You would think the cat would learn... Hope there is an opening today!

Mrs Furious said...

I will lay 75% of the blame on the stupid cat. He just has no self-preservation instinct. But because of that, the situation is that much more dangerous. A normal cat would either avoid the dog or protect himself... this cat is offering himself up every chance he gets. Last night wigged him out though!

Alexandra said...

Holy cats (had to do it)! So glad you caught them ...

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