Monday, March 21, 2011

video update 3/21


trifitmom said...

don't have time to watch teh vid but just so you know i have had 2 dreams about meeting you...does that sounds like i am a stalker ???

very strange......

trifitmom said...

i am not a nut....a bit crazy but not a nut

Mrs Furious said...

I'll be heading out to Eastern PA this summer... we'll have to meet!

Jaime said...

Just wondering if you've ever followed Pioneer Woman's home schooling stuff?? You might even find that you have some writing to contribute to her?

Kiki said...

I am so excited to hear that the homeschooling is going great and that everyone is happy with the choice!!!! I knew that you would be great at it and I thought that Kid would thrive for sure....but I always wonder how people manage their time? When I'm home I'll watch t.v then do a load of wash, wander in the kitchen for a snack....I'd never buckle down and do the work. Probably best I'm not a parent in that respect.

Hoping things work out with the pup and you come to a peaceful resolution!!!

Julie said...

She's deluding herself. LOL! Seriously, though, Kid would probably hate having to get back on the early morning schedule again.

I love the idea of know, tailoring the education to you and your child's interests, doing field trips to places to learn, etc...BUT having a child who is willing to do this is key.

Murphy just said last night that he can't wait for school to be all done. "This year?", we ask. "Forever," he says. He could be a good candidate for home schooling, but really for some other person (not me) to homeschool him. He'd probably do well with that 'hippie school' that Kid went to. Jack would be easier to homeschool. He'd be easy and awesome. Murphy would probably drive me to a mental hospital...and I mean literally drive my car to a mental hospital and drop me off. I'd make him stop at Starbucks first to get me a Venti Latte though.

Why am i even talking about this?

Well, the clothes situation with Murphy would be easier...he would just wear PJs around the clock.

Mrs Furious said...

"I mean literally drive my car to a mental hospital and drop me off."

I've actually met quite a few kids in the Murphy realm being homeschooled. And.. it isn't working for some of them. Murphy might be able to once he was ready for the more (or all) self-directed on-line schools. I'm actually switching Kid's math to an online math for next year. It is one thing for me to be reading history or science to her (she has excellent comprehension & retention) but to *teach* her math is frustrating for both of us. She does best when she can slowly work through the work with a resource that is self explanatory.

Yes, I spent a lot of time reading her archives when I was debating making the switch. Her friend OMSH uses the same curriculum we do.

Yes.. but first you were at work! It takes us about 4 hours a day of academics.. but we don't rush into it. She usually does work from 12-4. AND 1/2 of that she does on her own and I just check it.

Kiki said...

So here is part two to my question then....if you can teach her in four or five hours why can't schools do with shorter hours??? Why are they going in earlier and earlier? Also one of my employees said she had to go in and talk to her kid's teachers about the amount of homework the kid is being assigned, the teacher basically shrugged and was like,"there's nothing I can do about it." What is the deal with public schools these days???

The more I hear about what you are doing the more I worry about what is going on in public school...and I'm sure its not every school, there are great schools out there I'm sure, just like there are great teachers out there....but it seems more often than not that things are NOT getting better in education.

It makes what you're doing look like the best choice!!!

Stacy said...

Off topic since my comment is not about home schooling . . . but have you tried botox yet for your migraines? It has honestly been a miracle here. Even if it wasn't, there is still that other benefit.

You know, not being able to move your forehead.

gooddog said...

I have to make sure sunshinemom watches this. She's switching to homeschooling next year. I think she'd be encouraged.

I am SO glad it is going well. It does seem like a very natural fit for you all. :)


Oh yeah...I cannot even wait for the flexibilty that I will have with our schedule. We are NOT morning people and we are going to love being able to do our own thing.

Mrs Furious said...

Sunshine Mom,
It's worth it just for that. We get up around 10 (maybe). The kids take their sweet old time... and so do I. Then we do our work from around 12-4. It's perfect. We never have to rush anywhere, and we've always got a good nights sleep. It's glorious!

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