Saturday, March 19, 2011


Well, Mr F finally heard back from the Humane Society. They said they wish everyone would handle this the way we are. Phew. Now I don't have to worry about being on their shit list (which I was obsessively worried about) They'll happily take her back whenever we're ready to bring her in and will make sure she gets a better placement next time. They're grateful to be able to have more information to help them facilitate that. I think we'll wait and bring her in on Wednesday so that she will be through their processing and ready for adoption on the weekend with as few days of waiting as possible. We can also chose another dog. I think the rotation of pet loss we've been dealt the past year and half (with Canine, Dasher and now Sweetpea) is enough. We'll stick with the cat, and just be grateful to not have any pet issues to mediate for awhile.

Although, there is a cat named Queen High Muffins waiting for a home ...


Julie said...

I am so glad that worked out for you all. I think you are making the right choice for both Sweetpea and your family.

Gigs said...

Glad it is going as smoothly as possible. I'm sure she'll find a more suitable home in no time!

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