Friday, August 19, 2011

File Under... We're Pretty Sure She's Straight

The other night, while we were snuggled up preparing to do our nightly reading, Kid turned and asked...

"How come the men on TV are always wearing wrap pants and have bare chests that are muscular, and oiled, with black hair?"

"Well, I guess they think we'll think that is sexy." I reply, taken back a bit by her very detailed observation.

"Oh, yeah, I totally do." Kid replies slowly with a lusty voice.


Annie said...

just waht kind of tv are you watching??? haha

Mrs Furious said...

I didn't even think about how that would sound! lol
I actually have no idea what she is referring to... since I can't think of any ads I've seen where I walked away thinking of oiled chests and wrap pants... but she was into it :)

wootini said...

I think I need to be watching that show, whatever it is! :)

Gigs said...

Hahaha! That was worth the wait! I'm still laughing over wrap pants...hilarious. Now I know what I missing on cable!

Julie said...

I think men in wrap pants are the sexiest, too. Wrap pants or no pants at all...that's what I think.

Gigs said...

Hahahaha, Julie!

sara said...

Hey Mrs. Furious!

I have a completely random question that is unrelated to your post. I apologize, in advance, for the deviation!

I recently transitioned to a job as an Admin/Personal Assistant. The "Personal Assistant" part of the job pretty much boils down to me being an on-call babysitter to my boss' 8-year-old child. The child is very bright, but a little conniving and really enjoys testing his authority figures. I know you've dealt with a wide range of personalities in children so I would like to ask whether you have any tips on sweetly reigning in a challenging 8-year-old? If so, please, please, please enlighten me!!


Mrs Furious said...

Boy... you are in a TOUGH situation.
do you have an email?

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