Thursday, August 11, 2011


more exciting breaking news...
Kid just got her classical guitar. Broody songs to come, I'm sure.


Gigs said...

What did she say? And is she taking guitar lessons too?

Excellent update. I think you look great, and it seems like you are feeling good too! I am disgusted with myself and my weight. Really saw it in my vacation photos. Thanks for the incentive to do a little at a time, and actually do it. I definitely need to get with the program. Ugh.

Mrs Furious said...

Yes, she's taking guitar lessons. She's very excited. She took a neat band class last year, where she could try guitar, drums, piano, & electric guitar. She fell in love with the acoustic guitar. So, I feel reasonably confident going into this, that she'll like it. She can be super sensitive to critique, though... so... I'm hoping she doesn't let that affect her too much.

I'll post her quote later this week... I need to space things out ;)

sara said...

Yeah for video update!


Elizabeth said...

Your hair is very cute!

Yay Kid for playing an instrument. All the cool kids play the guitar.

Kiki said...

Love, love, love your always manage to look adorable.

Mammograms=not painful. Good to know.

Workouts....still not happening over here, I'm working so much I keep excusing myself and I have to stop that. Now.

I can't donate blood and you had me thankful for it after your story-yikes!!!

Can't wait to hear about what Kid said!!!! And playing the acoustic guitar=Awesome!!!

So fun to have a video post!!

P/F -amy said...

The mosquitoes are horrific. At first I thought it was A2 (we're just moving back after making the mistake of moving away seven years ago); but I just realized they're at the old house too (we've never had an issues w/ mosquitoes).

On MI Radio the other day, they said we'd probably be dealing with this through October (unless it freezes first!). I seriously can't handle this much indoor time.

I totally agree about making one thing a habit at a time. Luckily, I need to put all of my Gilad and Cathe on a hard drive, so I've been doing the workouts while they record. It's motivating because everything I don't record will be gone forever.

Julie said...

I am the same way with giving blood. I totally know how you felt physically. Several years ago I had decided that I was going to routinely give blood since I had received so much blood when I had Murphy. I had lost a ton of blood and things were not good. I was so grateful.

So fast forward to my little new plan to 'give back' since my blood type is the universal donor. My body totally crashed. I was so sick, knocked out for a couple of days. I felt worse than when I had my c-sections. I felt like i was going to die.

Well, I have not given blood since which makes me feel really badly. I am just too afraid the same thing is going to happen. I was by myself when I did it, too. I can't even imagine how much worse it was to have your little girls there, too.

Your hair looks adorable. You look perky & pretty.

Awesome on the guitar for Kid. Jack plays bass (electric, not stand up of course;) ) & it has been such a good addition to his life. It is really good for kids that can be on the 'broody' side to have music as an outlet.

Looking forward to hearing what Kid said and want to see photos of the girls' new kingdom outdoors.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I'm happy to hear that you guys are moving back. I hope it all is/has worked out as smoothly as possible. Good luck with everything! Are you boys going to stay where they were or are they going to go to A2 schools?

I think we are just too small for giving blood. The blood ratio isn't enough to lose a pint. I would do it again if there was a real need crisis or something... but I would be prepared, not have the kids, and I would eat a HUGE meal before I went. They didn't want me to drive home.. and I was like "ladies, I have to get the kids out of here... how do you suggest I do that?"

Gigs said...

My husband gives blood at whatever the maximum amount you can is (1x a month maybe?). Seems like the red cross calls us every day to set up appts. for him. He's small, but kinda hefty. I also get sick when I give blood, but for me I'm pretty sure it's just a mental/freak out thing. Kind of like how I had a major panic attack when I had dental surgery, even tho hopped up on vicodin. And I wonder where my kids get their neurosis!

Love that kid is doing music. I think it's so good for them, and can add a great dimension to their lives.

P/F -amy said...

It's working out. We had to decide whether we'd move to Brighton because we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the elementary school where the kids went; but we had to face the fact that while we really like the parents of our kids' friends, ultimately I'll never understand how they've come to have a world-view so different from ours. The kids are psyched that we're such a close walk to school, to West Park, to Kerrytown. The house is easily 1/2 the size of our old one, but it is still bigger than I know we could handle. The only real bust: 100-yr-old house smell.

Kinder said...

Your hair looks totally cute! Love it!

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