Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What Up

It's like we've been thrown into a bad bad episode of Jersey Shore or something.

It's definitely a hot bed and I forgot all about my fake/real mentor,

because "What Would Julie Do?"...

um... I wish I knew.  Seriously.  Cleaning up this mess is like 10 full time jobs.

It's so crazy that the girls have often called out from their crafts, or reading, or whatever with...

"You know what the smartest thing to do would be?"  and then they'll lay down the truth.

And we're like... word.

Some things are obvious to everyone but the person that needs to see it.


Julie said...

Oh boy.

Can you blog about it here or not really because they will see it?

I'd say call me, but I have too much 5th grade homework to do. Maybe later this week. Or this weekend. For real. You know, to get a unbiased (but truthfully biased your way;) ) opinion. Or just to vent. You really should bring Bitch Fest Fridays back. I'd really like to bitch about my kids in a place that is totally non-judgemental & where everyone knows I really, really love them.

Mrs Furious said...

FB message me your number and I'll TOTALLY call you. Yes, I can't really get into it since I'm not sure who all is reading. I can in time be more forthcoming when some of it is old news ;)

Brenda said...

Not sure what to say. "Sorry things are a mess" doesn't really help. Glad the girls can see the truth, and see their parents advocating for what's right.

Julie: I hear you on the homework...and the kids. As I was talking about my boys to some co-workers (who are all mothers of young toddlers and, let's face it, can't really know where I'm coming from), I looked around and realized I probably sounded like a crazy person to them. But you know I love my guys... :)

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