Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When Your Life Is Taken Over By Full Time Craziness

guess what the last thing you are thinking of is?

whether or not you look fat

so, that is one upside

the downside?

everything else... haha... just kidding (kind of)

the downside is discovering that people who should treat you with respect (at the minimum) don't

maybe because they don't know how to

but also because they are way too busy protecting their egos

sometimes when you start to solve a problem that other people have deemed unsolvable

only because they were not able to solve it

those people will lose their shit if you dare to think you might have a workable solution

they'll do just about anything to prevent you from being able to prove them wrong

even if it requires them to sabotage their own offspring's welfare to stop you

sometimes the truth is so much more disturbing than you ever imagined

and you'd already imagined it to be pretty damn fucked up

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