Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 14th

I blame the Polar Vortex for derailing our momentum.  


Brenda said...

Impressed that your tree still has needles. How is that even possible?

Mrs Furious said...

Fraiser Fir!! They hold their needles the longest. It is full on dead and will lose them when you mess with it, but as long as you don't touch it they stay on.

Julie said...

I can't even get into the habit of commenting on all these posts. I thought it would be easy to keep up. Maybe I will write just one word in the comments. Let's see if I can even manage that.

Brenda said...

it is full on dead

Chris Howard said...

I feel your pain. We're about halfway through de-Christmasing the house.

katieo said...

BLARG. I'm right there with you. we're 80% put away.


Mrs Furious said...

Matt took the tree outside last night and we are left with that "What?! Did it always looks so bare in here?!!" feeling. Of course the bins all over the floor are helping us ease into it ;)

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