Friday, January 17, 2014

Showing Up

This day was super crazy and I just ate coleslaw and tapioca pudding for dinner... so... 
have low expectations, is what I'm saying.

Kid had a half day and Baby did not... so... we had a ton of driving and some awkward time in between which we successfully spent eating, shopping, & returning Christmas stuff.

(P.S. I still haven't finished packing up the Christmas bins!!!!)

I did have a fun and successful afternoon out with my favorite date.  
With her homework load
we really don't get very much time to just hang out.  
As maladjusted as she is (Ha!) I sure do enjoy having her around:
And she patiently kept me company while we walked around the mall making returns and such.
I paid her in Godiva truffles.  She ate one in one mouthful.  
Which filled me with momentary regret and prompted me to call out: 
"There goes $2.20 down the hatch!" 

I exchanged a coat I got for Christmas for this coat which I kind of LOVE:
I am never going to stop loving you turquoise and magenta!! We've been Best Friends for over 30 years and I swear to God I'll never quit you!!
(It is turquoise in real life, just take me word for it.)

Then we scored some basketball shoes for Kid.
Interesting that they only make boy's shoes.  
Baby will never EVER go for that.  Basketball is out for her, for sure.

You may not know this, but I'm not really a big shopper
(exception: Target) 
and Kid & I were worn OUT. 
We weren't even at it for 2 hours.  

After picking up Baby, I did still manage to squeeze in my workout... 
(it was close... I REALLY didn't want to... and I had managed to hurt not one, but two fingers, on opposite hands, within 10 seconds of each other while trying to get out of the car?!  
It was weird and blood & bandages were involved)

 I even managed an extra 5 minutes on the treadmill to make up for little Miss Distraction:
I don't know how rollerskating with a giant dust mop all around the treadmill would bother me?  
At least she has a helmet on & is kind of cleaning.
This is all extremely reminiscent of this get up, is it not?:
It is good to know she hasn't changed her spots too much.

(P.S. 14th consecutive workout, I'm really doing it, peeps.)

 And then we attended Baby's curriculum night
(which I had almost forgotten about!!!!) 
and caught this cute moment between Baby and her best friend:

 Dinner was scraped 
but not my diet! 
(hence the bizarro dinner choices) 
and Mr F took the kids out for pizza.  

The End.


Brenda said...

That was a pretty lengthy post, especially given that you had no time and a crazy day. So it far surpassed the low expectations I put in place as directed! It sounds like a good day, really.

Definitely treasure that quality time with Kid. With E hopefully getting accepted to a college this spring, I am so aware of those moments that we are together. And even more aware of just how much time we are not together. Children just keep getting busier as they get older, and you do start to have much less time to hang out. I'm so melancholy already, even though he has been a huge pain lately, in typical teenage fashion. (I don't know why I thought that wouldn't happen with him. I really thought it wouldn't. We're so close! And, like you and Kid, I enjoy his company so much...) I can't really imagine him not being part of my daily life. I have been reading a book in the office of K's therapist called The iConnected Parent: Staying Close to Your Kids in College (and Beyond) While Letting Them Grow Up. Holy crap. Don't let me turn into one of these parents who is constantly texting my son as he tries to go off and become an independent being, and therefore prevents him from doing so. I know I will miss him and be tempted, so I have already warned K that all of my n̶a̶g̶g̶i̶n̶g̶ attention will turn to him in the Fall. He is afraid. Very afraid.

No basketball shoes for girls? I find that shocking, actually. I hope she loves it. I know she's got the height for it! Is it starting up soon?

Anyway, happy weekend Mrs. F!

Mrs Furious said...

I always say that Kid won't pull that weird teenage stuff with me... now I'm scared! I'm really hoping Kid will want to go to UofM and live at home... that's feasible, right?!?!!! I think I will mourn for a thousand years when she leaves me. And she'll be leaving right as Baby is starting high school and I KNOW that is going to be some crazy times. I do not delude myself on that front! It all goes so fast. :(

I don't know if girl's bball shoes are available at a special retailer? But definitely not in locals stores. Kid didn't care, she likes to go with non-conspicuous shoes anyway. But I mean these aren't even close to gender neutral. She's nervous about bball, but a fair number of classmates signed up specifically because she is doing it & I keep having her focus on the more time with friends part. She is actually a very good basket shooter, but needs to work on the court play part. It should be interesting. I'm worried about juggling homework & sports practice/games but have decided this opportunity is more important and we can let the grades slide if we have to for the season.

julie said...

I get sick to my stomach when I realize how soon it is before my boys are off to college and on with their lives away from us. Well, at least Jack. Jury's still out on M. I am only half joking. It scares the crap out of me thinking of M. not living with me. With Jack, I know he will be fine. Ugh.

Kid looks so tall and grown up. That is so cool that classmates signed up for bball because Kid did. That must make her feel good inside. The sneakers are awesome. If there were 'girl' bball sneakers, they'd probably be in ugly pastel colors anyway.

Mrs Furious said...

one of the hard decisions we are always struggling with is taking her out of a school (that is killing us slowly and painfully) where she is doing so well socially. She is extremely well liked... by everyone. We had one of the only co-ed birthday parties and ALL of the boys came. She is in such a unique setting where just being nice & empathetic works...I mean there is bullying at this school but NO ONE messes with her... she is nice and never offends anyone but has really strong boundaries and you will feel her displeasure if you cross a line (I don't know where she gets that!)...she is kind of untouchable we are really struggling to decide where she'll go next year.

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