Saturday, January 18, 2014


"When Dad said 'Be quiet', I thought to myself, 
who doesn't want to wake up to the sound of their children's joyous laughter?"  
Kid remarked this morning.
 Those girls barely like each other.  

After Mr F and Baby left for a play date I thought of some great ways to procrastinate packing up the Christmas stuff.  I had Kid try on her new sport apparel... which if you remember the first time you tried to put on a sports bra you know that there were some hilariously awkward moments there.  We decided she should just wear it to school on basketball days rather than risk getting caught in the arms & head bound bare chest out position.  Not worth the risk, peeps.  But we did laugh really hard.
Then I had her put on her basketball shoes.

I can't even figure out what is going on with the laces... I mean is there some kind of a trick?! 
They are almost impossible to loosen & tighten.  Gah! 

Okay.  I swear to God I am packing that Christmas shit up right now!!!  
If I can get those bins out of here I'll feel much more productive.  
Then I'm working out.  I am back to my old school ways and I'm working out to old 
Biggest Loser seasons on Hulu.  There are tons of seasons I missed.  
That show never stops inspiring me... I cry during every episode.  

P.S. I'm down over 3 pounds in 16 days.  I'm feeling really good.  
The diet part is a piece of cake, I really am not suffering at all.  
The workout is a little harder, I still want to sabotage on that front but I haven't.  
I'm doing it.  


Mrs Furious said...

I did it. Christmas stuff is down & I even cleaned out a Kitchen drawer of excess junk!

julie said...


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