Sunday, January 19, 2014

Under the Wire

I didn't forget. I'm here.  11 posts in 11 days.  I used to think about blogging like it was a job... it was a job... and it took a tremendous amount of work and effort to produce content every single day.  I'm still just baby stepping here.  I don't have my head in the game of constantly identifying blog topics just yet. I live my life much more than I edit it... and in many ways that is a good thing... but also just the necessity of life with older kids who actually leave the house and require me to take them. ;)

I also did my 16th consecutive workout and I'm happy to report that my ability and endurance levels are up & I upped the difficulty significantly today... and not only did it but put in an extra 5 minutes.  Feeling good.  My waist measurement is down an inch in just over 2 weeks.  It is working!

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