Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ladies Nights

I don't know why, but when Mr F isn't here we have a very different vibe going.  We eat differently, we hang out differently.

Last night was Taco Night (as scheduled... why did I resist doing this for so many years... it has been amazing!):

Kid said, upon realizing Mr F wasn't coming home....

"LADIES NIGHT!  Let's get drunk!"

then muttered...

"I already am" and promptly erupted in hysterical laughter.

(she may have watched back to back episodes of The Bachelor on her "cold day" off of school...)

Unfortunately, today her stomach has been bothering her (maybe she was drunk... j/k lindalou... I only let her drink about 4 times a year) and by 4 o'clock she was running a fever.

So, reluctantly we had to cancel our mega girls night out plans to have a $5 Hot-n-Ready with my friend and her kids while our husbands are out of town.

Instead we started watching The National Treasure movies. I rented them on a lark last night... holy moly... so far... so... AMAZING.  For a rated PG movie, the first one pretty much has it all going on.  Super intense action without being scary or intimidating in anyway.  As history buffs, it was right up our alley.  P.S. No sexy stuff ...which for Kid is maybe a negative ;) We just started the second one, but seeing as it revolves around the assassination of Lincoln (my distant cousin, yo!), and has Ed Harris in it, we are INTO it.

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Brenda said...

My kids loved the national treasure movies. When we went to mount vernon they offered a "national treasure" tour, which they both were super pumped about and we took, but it was a whole lot of disappointing... Really nothing to do with the movie, and not a lot of access to things we thought we might see, like cool underground tunnels. After getting through the initial disappointment (E was quite incensed!) we found major hilarity in the marketing misnomer. One of the perks of raising hugely sarcastic children is that they can be resilient in that way. We still have jokes we pull from that tour and all laugh about.
Anyway... I hope Kid is feeling better. Enjoy your nights in!

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