Thursday, January 23, 2014

This Is Bizarrely Longer Than I Intended (and the really good parts are towards the end)

I'm not sure, but I don't think most 5th graders have tests that require them to write 5 short essays from memory...  I mean, their tests have no fill in the blank or multiple choice questions.  All of the questions are essay questions.  I really don't think I was doing work like this until middle school or high school... or maybe college... and I went to some mighty fine schools.  No multiple choice?! Ever?  I remember having an essay question or two... or maybe writing a long essay FROM HOME but on the spot 5 essays on a test?  For 10 & 11 year olds?  I don't know...  It is a lot of studying to do these test well and they only handed out the essay topics on TUESDAY.  Plus she had basketball practice both nights.

After basketball practice on Tuesday she reads the chapter and writes out the vocabulary words (which they are also tested on).  Yesterday, we worked out what the essays points should be and she worked on memorizing those last night and during school today.  Then after basketball tonight Kid spent an hour and a half writing them out for practice.

That's her way to an A+.   It is a lot of work to do this, but it works for her and I find having her physically write them out, rather than just read the material and memorize the key essay points allows her to fully absorb the material in a much more concrete way.  The same with vocabulary.  I have learned that if I have her look up the words and physically write out the definitions she naturally memorizes the terms through the process, faster and with less stress.  It also eases her test anxiety on test day when she has essentially already taken the test the night before.  I cannot believe she can memorize all those essays, plus Memory work, and 25 spelling words & 15 vocabulary words all for one day... but she can. Her rise to top student has been epic.  Really, it is mind boggling how far she has come in a couple of years.  She has really learned to master her anxiety.  I am continually amazed by her.  And she literally has a 4.0 in all her classes this semester and is the top student in her grade.  Her teacher had nothing to say about her during conferences except "Well, she is an exemplary student."  End of conference.  He had nothing else to say... at all (for real). (Which kind of irked me, honestly)  He took it for granted that this is just how she is and I took the time to make it clear that this is not EASY for her and does not come easily... she works incredibly hard and is an amazingly dedicated student.  He had no idea that she spends so much time on her homework and studying.  Give this kid a doctorate, already!

I'm just proud of her.  If you've been here awhile you know this has been a BUMPY road for her (for me, too).

So, we made it through our first big challenge of test prep and basketball.  I was eaten up with anxiety about this all week (I wonder where she gets it?!?).  I wasn't sure how we'd find the time... but we did it. (and we never got take out!)

All with help from a little ditty I wrote last night:

I can do it!
I can get through this...
I can do it, I can do it (in my sexy socks)
I can do it (in my sexy socks)

repeat and jazz it up
throw in a little back up singing
ala Kid style:
she can do it in her sexy socks
sexy, sexy, sexy socks
super, super, sexy socks
or better:
look at those sexy socks!

Baby walked in the room in the middle of our lively rendition and said:

"Those are knee high socks... they are NOT sexy."

To which I informed her that the song was IRONIC.  Duh, Baby.  Duh.


She shoots:

She scores:

"I can't wait for basketball practice, tomorrow!"  Kid said excitedly.

All in all... success.


We can do it.  We can get through this.


ML Webster said...

awesome! all of it!!

Brenda said...

What's better than your child's happiness and success? Pretty much nothing. Good for you guys!

julie said...

That schoolwork situation is just so whacked.

Kid is doing so awesome.

Mrs Furious said...

Of course, school was cancelled for the cold and now we have to study for that test all over again...

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