Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Brain Dead

Last night someone (Baby, just to be clear... Kid would die if you thought it was her!) had an accident & instead of getting the sleep I desperately need... I got to spend an hour cleaning up the bed.

I'm EXHAUSTED.  I never really was able to get back to sleep after that so I had... oh... 4 hours of sleep.

I did workout.  I am in my calories.

I filled out our passport applications and got my passport photo taken (I don't hate it).

We had Kid's first basketball practice (she doesn't want to quit.. so that is pretty good).

Then we had a basketball parents meeting.

Thankfully, I made two pots of soup & two loaves of bread yesterday. Since it is freezing out I just put the whole 2nd pot in the garage which just made everything even easier to manage.  Tonight after basketball I just brought it in and up to a boil. Done.  I kind of love the polar vortex.  I now have the world's largest 2nd fridge.

We are all hurting tonight.... It is definitely hard to get home over two hours later than usual & still cram the same amount of homework & cooking, bathing, etc into such a short amount of time. Kid's also physically exhausted & getting home in the dark... geez... I feel badly that she has so much work to do.   She's still only 11 and does need to go to bed.

I do, too.

Of course, tonight I have to stay up late writing out Kid's test prep for her History test on Friday.

Goodbye.  I'm barely coherent.  The end.

1 comment:

Jaime said...

Bloody hell woman. I'm exhausted just reading your life.

We enjoyed the icy cold weather we had (don't hate me, it lasted maybe 3 weeks) too because over Christmas every time we made something that required refrigeration we just put it on the deck.

Even after Christmas dinner, when the family was helping clean up they were putting things in our BBQ outside!

Works for me.

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