Monday, January 20, 2014

Rough Start

I woke up in a TERRIBLE mood.  The girls and Mr F had the day off and  for one reason or the other we all slept in way too late... which stressed me out right from the get go because it is really hard to get the girls to bed on time for school when that happens.  Also, I slept unusually hard and woke up with a start, quite a few hours later than I expected, from a weird anxiety dream.  And that is always a rude awakening.  I think I'm getting a migraine.

But, also, I stayed up very late updating all of my calendars (2 paper & my phone) with Kid's basketball practice and game schedules and Baby's new swimming class time & new dance class & the one million alerts necessary to keep us all on time (and with everything we need on hand).  It was laborious!

I feel pretty overwhelmed, because I already find the 3 PM - 8 PM situation to be barely doable and now I've just thrown us into a blender at high speed. I think that the basketball will be a great experience, and I want Kid to try something outside of her comfort zone... but it is a lot.  Because it is a small private school we have to drive our kids to the games, which means instead of getting a little ease put into my afternoon pickup routine... it is actually going to be much more intense.  D'oh!  I have to keep reminding myself we can get through 10 weeks.  We can get through 10 weeks. Basically I have something somewhere every night but Friday (and 50% of the time we actually do have something on Friday night) (plus Baby's Saturday day dance lesson) and I was already driving for over 2 1/2 hours a day as it was.  I'm scared, peeps.  I really crave me some low key stress free days at home.  I'm not big on being scheduled, let alone over scheduled.  But these are the days.


Do Not Even Think About It, Woman!

So anyway, I've been right on the edge of a migraine all day... it is just starting to really set in.  Which, FYI, I have been having less of since I reduced my coffee intake.  I still have my vision issues (which is just another kind of migraine) but the really intense painful traditional migraines are definitely happening less frequently.  So, bonus for me.  Although, not bonus tonight.

But, despite everything, I still:

Stuck with my diet:
I eat this every single morning & me loves it! 
Bay's English Muffin, Fried Egg & Spinach.  Yum Yum

I worked out.  I'm getting past the resistance phase and into the addiction phase.  

I made not one, but two pots of soup and this delicious bread:

I Skyped with my niece.

I did 3 loads of laundry (and thanks to Mr F's help actually got it all put away!)

I registered Kid for sleep away camp this summer!

I took a gratuitous cat photo:

I made my meal plan and I got Kid to agree to buy lunch this week!

Then I helped Kid memorize her spelling and Memory for this week.  

Now, maybe, if Mr F doesn't fall asleep reading to Baby, 
we'll finally watch the new Downton Abbey.

 Goal for this week:  Go to BED.  
Nothing is going to derail me faster than sleep deprivation.


Brenda said...

I have tried to compose a post here a few times but I'm not very coherent tonight. Still wanted you to know I stopped by. I'll to be more profound at a later date... Meanwhile it sounds like you are doing awesome at sticking to your workout and diet. So great!!

julie said...

ditto to what Brenda said.

I am always here, but can't seem to get a word on the page.

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