Sunday, February 2, 2014


Kid got her period this weekend.

I am both not surprised and in emotional shock.

Seeing as she has had hormonal acne, been wearing a bra,

and shaving her armpits for the past 6 months...

I can't say we didn't see this coming.

We've talked ALL about it.

She knows that my mom never told me anything... so...

I've told her ALL of the embarrassing stories (of which there are many!)

But as a late bloomer myself, it's still a bit overwhelming for ME.

I can't wrap my head around what it will be like for her, or how she is processing it.

She was playing dolls with her sister all morning.

I had had YEARS of Seventeen magazine reading under my belt to prepare me for all to come.

She is just starting to master basic self care...

it feels unfair to saddle an 11 year old with all of this.

And all of the things (many awkward)... swimming, and going to camp, etc.

We're playing it cool,

but inside?... yeah...

I don't know that anyone hopes their daughters are early bloomers.


Reesa said...

That's rough. I was an early bloomer and it was not easy. My heart breaks a little for Kid. Although, times are a changin' so maybe she's not as much of an early bloomer as she would have been 20 years ago? I love that your so open with her. My mom was not at all which left much to the imagination and created many unnecessary worries on my part. (I.E. Am I going to bleed to death?!) Did I mention I was 10? Good times. I'm rambling and probably not helpin so I'm going to stop.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm happy to hear from anyone with any experience. She thinks she is probably the 1st in her class (she is the oldest) but she doesn't feel weird about it... Or embarrassed. I was kind of hoping 6th grade because that just feels a lot older to me... Even though she is technically old enough for 6th (we held her back because of a late birthday). I cannot remember the real details of my early periods, but hers is extremely light which is making it less intimidating to deal with. I'm glad that at the end of 4th grade they did a sex ed/health program for the girls preparing them for menstruation, which I think has made getting it this year seem normal & to be expected (I am thankful they did that). I guess 12 is the average age, so 11 is not considered early anymore. She had a huge growth spurt & her body has totally changed in the last few months so we were kind of anticipating this. I'm just worried about camp now... Hopefully things time out right!!

Kellie said...

My daughter started in 5th grade and I started the summer before 6th grade so we were pretty close in age. It totally sucks that they have to deal with it so young. One thing I would be sure to do(which I am sure you will, but feel like I have to say) is pack extra pads in a little cosmetic bag or little purse she can keep in her book bag in case she starts at school. Our health rooms here only ever have ridiculously large ones. It's so hard to predict the cycle in the beginning. Our ped said that since they aren't fully mature their ovaries shoot out random amounts of hormones at random times and it takes a while to regulate.

Mrs Furious said...

Has she gotten a period sooner than once a month? I told Kid that I thought she would have them once a month at the most. Yes, I did pack her a cosmetic case with extra underwear & pads. We're having trouble finding small enough ones, the ones I bought are way too big (some Always regular w/wings that I thought would be really thin) A liner is really all she needs right now. Is there a small pad w/wings that you recommend? Good grief, it is the logistics of everything & not knowing when she'll need it that stresses me out the most. But she is fine with it. Totally matter of fact & fine.

Reesa said...

Kotex makes some pretty small ones, I think they're called Kotex U. Not sure on the name but totally aimed at younger girls. Black box with bright colorful wrappers. I'm totally on schedule now but if I remember correctly, it was a little hit and miss at first. Sometimes 3 weeks, sometimes 4 or 5. I just always had some in my desk or locker so I was prepared. I think it took a couple of years before I was right on schedule.

Mrs Furious said...

I know exactly which Kotex you mean... I was debating those when I was at the store. Thanks! We'll give them a try. sometimes 3 weeks? gah!... good to know. This should be fun.

Susannah said...

It will all be fine. I started at age 11, back in the day of belts and pads. Now, that was no fun for an active girl. But I don't have any trauma...that I can remember :)

Mrs Furious said...

Thank you, Susannah! :)

Brenda said...

This is exciting news for which I have no experience (other than my own, and I was also a late bloomer) to draw from, but so glad for you both that she is cool with it. It was sort of awful/awkward to be the last of my friends, if that's any consolation... Hope the camp timing works out, but I'm sure she'll work it out either way. I'm know your open relationship and honest discussion will make it all so much easier for her than you or I remember. Congratulations to Kid on her womanhood. You know she's going to be one rocking lady, and handle it all with grace.

julie said...

I concur with Brenda…I have no experience with this having boys, but totally know Kid will be one rocking lady.

I'd be freaking out inside, too.

Leenie said...

I was an early bloomer (got mine at the same age). And while my mom definitely talked with me, a lot, about those things it was still embarassing to wear a bra as I was HUGE tomboy (and I started wearing one in 3rd grade). This will give Kid an opportunity to understand herself a lot more than some of the other girls which, while it sounds weird, provides an opportunity for great self confidence. The only real downside is the hormones that come with periods. I know I was (and still can be) a beast, like my mom before me. That is one thing for her to be aware of as that can cause some issues (I'm dealing with HR issues because of it...) Good luck!

Supermom said...

Sniff sniff. NOOOOO, not KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs Furious said...

"(I'm dealing with HR issues because of it...)
lol... but probably not for you in real life!
It is the migraines I get around my period that trigger my terrible moods and I am like Jekyll & Hyde and turn from patient to angry drunk level rage in 0-60.

Thanks for the kind words Brenda & Julie.

I know!!!!! How old was H??!

Anyone else that is checking this out for early puberty tips I just picked up the American Girl: The Care And Keeping of You 2, For Older Girls. It is completely written from the perspective of a 10-12 year old getting their period.

Supermom said...

11 or 12.

Sniff sniff. Two more to go.

Kind of takes the fun out of me not having a uterus.

Mrs Furious said...

Ha! Yes, that does kind of take the fun out of it!

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