Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lost Connection

Our Internet is down, and while I love you all & would love to give you a good (or bad) post... I have very little patience for trying to do this from the Blogger app on my phone. The very fact that I am doing this at all is a testament to both my deep love for you and the insane level of stick-to-itiveness I have been known to exhibit when I make a commitment.

2 things:

1) Kid had her first game yesterday and it was horrific. It was like they were up against an NBA team. Kid was pretty much frozen like a deer in headlights the entire time. I've been encouraging her to employ my highly aerobic and rhythmic dance orientated distraction technique I have dubbed : "Jazzketball"
Get in on it early peeps it will be a future Olympic sport. You heard it hear first.

2) We had meatball subs for dinner. They were fantastic, mostly because my meatballs were fantastic (pork, people... I am so over any other kind of ground meat). My freezer is full of them & spaghetti got old. Tomorrow I'm changing out our BBQ pulled chicken for a shredded Jamaican jerk crockpot pork recipe I found (minus the heat). I'll report back on that one. We haven't gone out to eat for over a month (outside of Baby's birthday). Meal planning & freezer cooking... people, it 100% works.


Brenda said...

Jazzketball may require a video post.

julie said...

Yes, a video post on jazzketball!!

Lauren T said...

Jazzketball is the new Prancercise.

Mrs Furious said...

Ha! TOTALLY!!!!!... (minus the camel toe)

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