Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Day In The Life (always riveting...)

I read a lot of crazy articles and blog posts today.

I thought about buying some French sneakers.

Blogs will do that to you.

But then you realize they are really just basic slip on sneakers

like you can find hanging on the big peg board shoe wall at Target.

And because you are super cheap.

You decide that if you can get them at Target...

they are already over being cutting edge

and you might as well not even buy them.

French or not.

You know?

I also read a lot about living in the Congo.

And helicopter parenting.

Why Finland is on the cutting edge of education.

(and if it really applies)

I read an article likening the educational philosophy and opportunity
(and scores) to US private schools.

I guess that does resonate with me,

having both been to private schools (and public)
and sent my children to both, as well.

I'm currently watching THIS documentary...

And I'm taken with how much Baby's charter school is pretty much
a dead ringer for the Finnish educational system.

(although admittedly I'm only 10 minutes in...)

Small class size, small school, staying with your teacher for multiple years, integrated science & art, highly trained and specialized teachers (they all have graduate degrees), teacher developed curriculum (which, yes, does meet Common Core standards).  Community focus.  The whole Finnish gamut is pretty much represented there.

I don't know about you all,
but I find educational theory to be very interesting.

And outside of the whole Finnish comparison,

I've been feeling pretty good about the school (and getting Kid in there, too)

after I realized that about 25% of the parents are education professors.

That's a pretty good vote of confidence.

Another 25% are chefs.

I'm not sure what that says.

Or why, considering that fact, I was the one who made the bread?


French sneakers

Helicopter parents

Living in the Congo

the story of Finland

Finnish education

A bathing suit I would buy... too bad it's a million dollars.  I'll go see if they have something similar at Target ;)

Geez I was online a lot today.  You know what I wasn't doing?


But I always say it's better to have an interesting mind than a clean house.

Plus, I cleaned the toilets yesterday.

So we're  good.

I did still workout, pay bills, drive 10 miles per hour during our 2 4 hours of commute due to incredibly bad roads, make breakfast, lunch, dinner & muffins.  Go to Target to buy post game snacks for the basketball team & tank tops for me ($5 sale!), do yet another load of laundry, check homework, and divert Kid's exhaustion induced breakdown into an hour long Wii sword battle... So that's something.  Right?


wootini said...

Love the Furious updates!! Rereading your posts from selling the Asheville house are pretty much the only thing keeping me sane at this point. Selling our first house and I already pretty much want to commit murder. Hardly any attendance at our open house today, but at the house we went to see you practically had to elbow through the throng of people to see anything. It was like Grand Central Station in there and they didn't even bother to polish the stainless (!) or rake the leaves. Meanwhile our house is so clean you could eat off the floor. Not that I'm bitter or anything. I ordered a St. Joseph - hope he can help.

Amy said...

Have you read the book The Smartest Kids in the World? It's fascinating. Made me love Finland!

Tricia Heaton said...

I spent a day at an educational seminar studying Finish High Schools. Since I too am addicted to international House Hunters, I think this is worth more exploring!

And now I feel the need for a French sneakers!

Mrs Furious said...

GOOD LUCK!!!! I know how enormously stressful it is! We did sell after we got that St Joseph... it can't hurt! Hopefully you don't have any extra large rodents living in a hole next to your front walk!!!! ;)
Also, just stick out the storm. It is horrific, but we ended up (even in 2010!!) getting our asking price.

I have not. I'm looking it up ASAP! Thanks for the recommendation!

I know... I kind of need them, too. They seem like great Up North shoes. Free shipping and returns on that link!

wootini said...

Thank you so much, Mrs. F! I mean it, truly, your adventures in real estate are saving my life. And keeping me out of jail, as I'd kind of like to murder our agent right about now...

St. Joseph arrived today!

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