Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

We had another Snow Day today.

I was counting on it, so I let Kid stay up pretty late watching the Bachelor finale with me

& didn't even bother setting our alarms.

You've got live on the edge like that, people.

So today I was able to read all of the Parenting Around the World posts I linked to yesterday.

Fascinating, my friends.


I was telling everyone about it at dinner and I said...

"Basically they're just about people like us, that are always thinking of moving somewhere crazy..."

"But they actually DO it." Kid interjected, sarcastically.

Yep.  That.

One of these days... you never know.

Also, when I was making lunch and talking about some hypothetical future life,

Kid interrupted to ask....

"How come your plans for the future never have Dad in them?"


It is so true.

If only because that would make my dreams

have to factor in realities like replacement jobs...

and that is a real buzz kill when you are dreaming.

But also because of his Adult ADD.


Brenda said...

OMG, that last bit. I laughed out loud.

Mrs. F., I think you and I just ought to run away together :)

julie said...

No running away without me!
Of course, it will be in an RV with Kid & Baby.

Or maybe just a weekend.

Mrs Furious said...

We need to make it happen, ladies!! Let's get out of Dodge.

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