Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Weather God Has Been Revlead

Tonight's main feature: The dreaded test review.

Which may or may not have included

both threats of bodily harm (did not) and tears (did).

But, as per the norm, the test stress really got my creative juices flowing,

absurdist rhyme style:

"Kris Krangle"
A nonsense verse, by  yours truly.
(Also soon to be its own Wikipedia page, as requested by Kid, outlining the mythology of this heretofore unknown weather god.)  

Little children let me take you by the hand,

As you wonder about the mysteries of this land.

Many teachers are as flighty as a feather

When they are teaching about the weather.

They may claim the Earth's tilt and the Sun's rays angle

But they've got the facts quite in a tangle.

The weather is not brought by tilt or angle, 

By jove, it is me, Sir Kris Krangle!

Just know that after about 20 minutes of hysterical laughing,

And the chanting of "It's not the tilt or angle, it is Kris Krangle!!"

The Earth's tilt and the angle of the Sun's rays affect on the weather

has been pretty firmly planted in her head.

Mission Accomplished.

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