Sunday, March 16, 2014


The Furious clan had a super successful weekend, all around.

Nothing particularly amazing happened, but it was the perfect combination of productivity and relaxation.

But even better than that, is that after a fairly long plateau weight-loss wise I dropped 2 pounds this week.  I'm now in the final zone.  I've broken through a barrier.

I even bought white shorts:

Which is, well, an unprecedented move on my part.
And, bonus, they didn't look terrible.

Which made me think, I should try on the Mexican wedding (guest!!) dress again...

And Mr F was like, "It kind of looks weird on top, do you have a push-up bra?"

Well, I don't know if I've been clear with all of you, all these years, but I specialize in the self maintenance efforts of a 9 year old boy.  Really.  I wore the same EXACT outfit last week for 5/7 days (I did wash it a few times, to be clear). But if it ain't broke, why fix it?  That's what I always say.

Speaking of which, one day Mr F came home and (because he's trying to improve himself and subsequently our marriage) he threw out a compliment.

It went like this:

"You look really good in that outfit."

And I said:

"Then you are in luck, because I'll be looking this good again tomorrow."

And then we laughed.

So, yeah, long story short, I don't have a push-up bra.

I should also say, that when I tried the dress on with the bejeweled gladiator sandals I bought for the wedding, Mr F said:

"Did you bring those home as a joke?"

And, people, he was completely serious.

Um, no, I didn't buy shoes and bring them home to try on as a joke.  WTF?

Thanks, though...

(obviously he needs to get back to his self improvement efforts...)

Where is this story going?!

Okay.  The reality is the dress is too big in the boobs.  Fact.  It always was a little, but it is clearly too big, now.  Do I want to pay $45 to tailor a $100 dress I ordered on Zappos?!  I do not.

So I thought, you know, you'll probably be extremely disappointed but maybe today is the day to try on the special dream dress I was given 8 years ago & then never fit into after having kids until one fateful day at my very best of weights when I tried it on and it fit in 2008:

And I felt amazing!!  I was so proud of myself.

But I never had anywhere to wear it.

And then I got fatter... boo.

So, I was a little scared to try,

seeing as I'm still about 8 pounds away from that weight

But, with some Herculean strength

Mr F zipped that baby up:

And, Mexico, here I come!


lucinda said...

He'll eat his words. you look marvelous.

katieo said...

way to go! WAY TO GO! I'm so excited for you. The white shorts are darling. The red and white number looks awesome. YAY!!

(for the record, I LOVE the gladiator sandals. very cute. very in.)

Torey said...

I totally choked on my wine reading "I'll look good in it tomorrow". Totally my MO too.

Tricia Heaton said...

My favorite thing is to read your blog to D. We were rolling laughing last night about Mr F's comment. And your reaction! Can't wait to see this in person!

Tricia Heaton said...

Meaning-can't wait to see your pretty dress in person!

Mrs Furious said...

thank you, mother.

Thank God! He really got me wondering about those shoes. I did point out that they are prominently featured on every model in the catalogues. They are definitely a little out of my norm, but they are comfortable & sand compatible = keeper

I work it EVERY day. I think that by wearing dangling earrings I am distracted the eye away from the outfit. So why change it?!

Oh I'm sure you'll also see "this" in person ;) lol

wootini said...

The dream dress is FANTASTIC and you look awesome in it!! Have a great time.

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