Monday, March 17, 2014

Top O' The Mornin' To Ya'

Aw yeah... St Patrick's Day happened.

And while, Mr F & I are not beer drinkers,

We can throw back some serious Lucky Charms...

So, when it comes to a holiday centered around

a giant Family Sized box of sugar cereal

It is on like Donkey Kong!

 Partly, because I forgot to get a full selection of rainbow colored streamers... and had to use last years scraps... we went for a different approach from last year.  Basically the Leprechauns tossed the joint leaving rolos, green balloons, and their hats in their wake.  
This was a pretty low stress holiday prep...
Knock over the furniture and sprinkle balloons 
and chocolate on the floor.  
Even a drunk person could do it.
 The remnants of streamers were just enough to drop out of the ceiling as the "end of the rainbow" and into the pot of rolos gold.  
 The Leprechauns also worked some crazy mischievous magic on the dining room chairs (because I had green masking tape and an entire package of green balloons (why?!) in the craft closet.
They also messed with the dish towels to show that real Leprechauns are doing this stuff... right?... why would we mess up our own dish towels?  (They totally fell for it... what are they?! Children?!!)
Dyed the milk green.  We've been doing this long enough to have learned the hard lesson that Kid will not drink milk that has been suspiciously tempered with (actually, a positive now that I think about it... hmm... what does that say about Baby?!) So we've been working two gallons.  Pulling the old dramatic "Ha Ha, we tricked those Leprechauns... they didn't even see our secret 2nd gallon!" when I open the fridge (again, the kids totally buy into it.... this is why you really should warn your kids about strangers with bags of candy or lost puppies... geez... they will fall for ANYTHING.)
 Oh, if you are wondering about the candle... that is a piece of our birthday ring.  I love that thing, and use it for pretty much every holiday imaginable.
 She's not afraid of drinking tainted milk or wearing mismatched quadruple green.  She also ate a rolo before she sat at the table for breakfast. When I caught her, I said "Who said you could have that?"  And she said "No one said I could; no one said I couldn't." Okay, then.  Case Dismissed.
 Please note that Baby still has to get all geared up like that for school.  Single digits, people.  
But check out that sunrise... not too shabby.  
It's too bad my eye balls were freezing into ice cubes while I was standing there.

And with that, I bid you goodnight.

Although, I suspect the party's just starting for a lot of you.

Happy St. Patty's Day!


Courtney said...

What great memories you are making for the girls. Plus, looks like a hell of a lot of fun!

Brina said...

Adorable! ...I might have to borrow some of your ideas for the boy next year - who'll be 35 by then, but we just moved in together (big step for yours truly) :D

I just love throwing random, mainly US based festivities at him: he'll be having his first proper Thanksgiving dinner this year, can you believe it?!

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks, Courtney!

Holidays are so much more fun when you are pulling them off for someone... Enjoy all the firsts!!

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