Sunday, January 20, 2008

I've Been Duped

Some of you may know that winter in Michigan is no walk in the park. It is cold... and not a little bit cold... it is freaking freezing cold. Today, right now, it is 11 degrees outside. It is so cold you can feel it in your teeth. But for me Michigan winters are harder to suffer through due to the lack of sunlight more than the frigid temperatures. Can we say "Seasonal Affective Disorder"?! I certainly can. This is the main reason everyone goes to Florida for Mid-Winter break. So I decided to get myself some "full spectrum" light bulbs. See how excited I am.....
Oh wait these aren't "full spectrum" after all. I was so excited that I apparently read what I wanted to read on the package and not what it really said. For Real. Has this ever happened to anyone? I swear I read "full spectrum". I read it several times... I showed it to my Dad and he read the same thing. I came home all pleased with myself thinking "jeez these aren't even that much more expensive". I looked at the package again... yep still reading it as "full spectrum"... take the dumb excited photo of myself to encourage the world to go out and get their own. Then I show Mr F and when I point to the "full spectrum" I read it for what it actually says "Enhanced Color Spectrum". Dumb founded I flip the carton over. What?!? "Enhanced Color Spectrum"?!? I get the other carton... "Enhanced Color Spectrum"... If I believed in fairies or leprechauns I would believe I had been duped.


emmyjw said...

LOL!!!I have done the same thing,and I so want and need one of those visor lights for SAD.

Shirls said...

when it actually gets cold, let me know,lol

Today in the odd US number system it is, right now -9.4 F, that would be -23 C and that is not cold, cold is where my gal Mandy is, today -45, that would be -49 F... now that is cold.

I do however agree about the grey days I can't take those, cold with sunshine bright days those I can do.. sorry you got taken on those bulbs..

Mrs. Furious said...

I swear to you I studied EVERY package in the aisle. And these DID say "full spectrum".... I guess the sleep deprivation is finally starting to take it's toll.
I have no idea where to get the full spectrum bulbs... apparently NOT at Target.

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh you Canadians are tough as nails! ;)
I was born in Vermont and my Dad was just saying how it would be so cold that the car seats were literally frozen and it was routinely -30 F.
Once it is below freezing I don't care cold is cold but I wish we had sun. It is almost always grey and overcast here. I actually wish for snow since it brightens things up.

moley said...

It's a balmy 13°C here (that's 55 F) but it's grey and rainy which I hate. Last weekend was lovely and sunny. Our next sunny day is forecast to be Tuesday.

I know what you mean about SAD - I hate winter!

And isn't it amazing how you can read what you want to see?

Further to your green post - we always try to buy green products, but there isn't much choice. I usually stick to ecover. Anyway Mr Mole bought some supermarket own brand washing powder (for laundry) which was labelled eco-friendly, but when I checked it had optical brighteners in it. Horrific - not next to my kids' skin thank you.

Mrs. Furious said...

yeah we actually wash our clothes w/o any detergents at all now due to our special water filter. I still stain treat though.
Here there are no marketing regulations for cleaners so it can get pretty confusing and you have to really "study" a label. And just like the light bulbs I'll think I'm buying one thing and then get home and realize it wasn't "green" at all.

moley said...

No I don't think we have marketing regs for cleaners either. Nor much else for that matter. Apparently food labelling (calories, fat sugar etc) can be up to 30% inaccurate.

What do you use to stain treat? We've used those rubber balls instead of detergent in the past (ie. before kids) which were quite good but useless on stains.

I've just been looking at the ecover site and I might actually try using their biological powder, despite avoiding it for so long. Mr Mole, who's degree is in microbiology says their science is sound and it will be fine for the kids.

Torey said...

Oh, hell yes it's cold. Shirls, I admire you. You have an amazing weight loss story, and you can handle the cold. Clearly, you are completely nuts. : )

Sorry about the light bulb mishap. At least you can return them. If you're anything like me, you'll be back at least once this week. In fact, I was there today and have to go back sometime this week and return an impulse buy that I don't want/need.

This is my favorite (AND CHEAP) eco-friendly laundry detergent:
It has none of those brightener things in it, and is all natural. A gallon does 360 loads in a HE washer. For $42. Excellent. The link I provided is a local "crunchy" baby store. I love it, and love the owner.

What's this week plan Mrs. F? Could you make chicken salad and give me the recipe before Thursday? Thursday I'm planning on chicken salad, but I don't have a recipe yet. Anyone else could weigh in on the chicken salad. I know that you ladies have all the great info!!

Mrs. Furious said...

chicken salad:
usually I poach chicken in boiling water but you can also just tear up a rotisserie chicken.
Chop it up.
add finely chopped red onion and celery (equal parts)
salt & pepper
enough mayo to moisten as you like
1 t mustard

to the above
add 1/4rd grapes or diced apples
omit mustard
season mayo with curry powder

personally the grape & curry version is my all time favorite but I don't always have them on hand.
You could also do the first version and throw in some chopped up dried cherries and pecans or walnuts... you really can add in anything you want.

Torey said...

Yay!!! Thanks!!! Can I poach frozen chicken breasts in the microwave?

PS-I LOVE grapes in my chicken salad. Whole Foods has an awesome (but expensive) Sonoma chicken salad wrap!

Mrs. Furious said...

I would just put the frozen chicken into some water or chicken broth and simmer until it is cooked through. that way you won't over cook it.

Deb said...

It might be 20-below zero here this weekend, BUT it's SUNNY. We last lived in Portland, and I'm pretty sure the 19 months of rain per year was a major contributor to my PPD. UGH... go get yourself some bulbs, m'dear. You WERE duped!!

Mrs. Furious said...

On my trip back to Target I did get the Full spectrum... those tricky bastards... they are in nearly identical packages!

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