Monday, January 21, 2008

This Week The Plan

Okay... I"m a little discombobulated after having my Dad in town. FYI...Mr F is home for MLK day too and you all know that completely throws me off!
So here is how everything went down:
We ended up getting everything clean and picked up... VICTORY!!! Our basement is currently kicking total ass, although I have no idea what Mr F did with all the stuff and I kind of fear that our storage rooms are potentially filled with random shit... but oh well we'll deal with that later. It is almost child safe now too.... NEAR VICTORY!!! I managed to keep my desk cleared off for two straight weeks.... VICTORY!!! I did not, however, have time to clean out my cubby of shame and that is on the docket for this week.... TOTAL FAILURE.
Menu wise I think I stuck on target. I try pretty hard to be prepared yet flexible... a delicate balance... when entertaining. In the end it usually means I spend more money on "junk food" and drinks and what not but I'm just one of those people who likes to always have something coming out of the oven to snack on and stuff when people are visiting.
Exercise?!?... well lets just say it didn't pan out for me this week. You can watch my video confessional but the short end of it is that with company and Kid's fevers I kind of scraped the last few... okay 3... workouts. I was disappointed because I really wanted to join in the challenge and help motivate everyone to give it a try. But life happened. I really did want to workout everyday but I felt it was rude and infringing on the "family time" so I wasn't able to fit it in. The lesson learned from this is that everyone has things that come up that can mess with their best intentions. Today is a new week and the opportunity to start fresh.

Okay this week's plan:


Monday - Tomato & Meatball Soup

Tuesday - Pork Tenderloin w/ rice pilaf & green beans

Wednesday - Kid's Date Night

Thursday - Brown Sugar & Ginger Salmon w/Asian veggie stirfry & spring rolls

Friday - Take out

Saturday - Creamy Chicken Pasta

Sunday - Sweet Potato & Molasses Beef Stew

Cleaning and Chores

Monday - Laundry & vacuuming

Tuesday - Grocery Shopping & sheets

Wednesday - Grocery Shopping & vacuuming

Thursday - Clean out Pantry

Friday - Put Away All Laundry

Okay so I want to be a role model for the "Crazy Cardio" to help you all see that it can be done. But here is the deal I've moved past working out for weight loss and I need to put more into my Pilates training to help both get stronger and to help manage my pain. So here is my plan...

Monday - 60 min Cardio

Tuesday - 45 min Pilates

Thursday - 60 min Cardio

Friday - 30 min Pilates

Saturday - 60 min Cardio

Sunday - 30 min Pilates

My goal is to workout for 5 days this week. I'm scheduling 6 days since I would like to reach that and I want to have as much in place to help me achieve that.... but.... I do realize that things may happen and I'll just do the workout for that day regardless of whether I skipped some days or not.

Cardio Confessional


Robin said...

Exactly! I will only get 5 in this week because we are going to visit my best friend (who is 7 months pregnant, has an 18 month old and is on bedrest) tomorrow. In the grand scheme of things, living your life should not take a back seat to your exercise plan. It's all about finding the balance.

Mrs. Furious said...

you are more than making up for the missed day with the duration of your workouts. That is the main reason I started with the longer workouts I knew if I really kicked it out I could cover a missed day.
I think my new plan is to schedule 6 a week and be happy with 5.

moley said...

I think your attitude is great - very inspirational. It's really helping me to stay focused.

I did 3 out of my four planned 30 min sessions and kept to my 1,500 cals/day despite time of the month, so I'm feeling quite good this week.

P.O.M. said...

Man - if you think your weekly menu standards are low, you would gawk at mine!

I seriously thought about you this weekend when I was shopping for my sister's family (she was in the hospo having a baby). They eat so poorly, I was embarassed to buy that crap.

Heather said...

Hola! Great plan! Loving it! I must go back in the archives to look for the sw potato/molasses stew. Sounds heavenly!

Haley said...

Good for you for accepting life's little surprises and not letting it derail you -- I think that one of the healthiest habits to adopt is to know when to cut yourself some slack and avoid a big burnout/meltdown.

And you'll be so proud of me -- I did it, I ordered the elliptical!! Now I just have to wait a few weeks for delivery and then I'll be pounding out the cardio with y'all!

emmyjw said...

Lol,I was sure you were going to confess something juicy ;) I am righ there with you,isn't it silly how you tell yourself to do more than you actually want to do so you will hit your real goal and not do less? I do that all the time,if I say 5 days it always ends up being 3-4,but if I say every day it will be 5 and sometimes even 6.strange the games we play with ourselves.I did interval on the satan machine at the YMCA today...OUCH.I am so going back to the treadmill.I tried an elliptical just to see if I would like it-I felt like I looked retarded and I might fall off. I think walking and the occassional bike workout are more my speed.

Mrs. Furious said...

it is over in the Mrs F cooks section of the sidebar.
I was going to link them all in but ran out of time.

1500 cal and TOM?!?... Good job ;)

I didn't really change our diet until Kid was ready to eat. Then I *cared* what I fed her and it spilled over into what I fed the whole family.

I am VERY excited for you!! :)

Mrs. Furious said...

I hope you appreciated how TERRIBLE I look in that video... bed head and all! ;)

Cara said...

What is this: Tomato & Meatball Soup?

it sounds amazing!!

moley said...

1500 cal and TOM?!?... Good job ;)

Thanks - I am very pleased with myself. I always have massive carb. cravings with TOM and usually end up over eating, but I was impressed with you saying in the vid that you'd only gone over your calorie limit 4 times, so I thought I should make more effort to resist.

So thank you for the motivation - it really helped :-)

emmyjw said...

You looked better than I did this morning and I took Rainee to the orthodontist.right now I am still in my workout clothes,very sexy.I was feeling pretty cool at the Y in my ratty T-shirt and sweats next to the girls in spandex and sportsbras. I just don't care when it is this freakin cold. Somehow I have scheduled Dr or dentist appointments 4 days this week,ending on Friday with my yearly OB/GYN...oh goody! I hate it when I have to look presentable too many days in a row.

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh I'm glad that helped motivate you... it is the truth. :)

go look over in the left hand side bar towards the bottom you'll find my recipe section.

Mrs. Furious said...

you should adopt my fashion plan... I wear everything two days in a row. I almost never see the same person so it works out.

emmyjw said...

LOL!If I can make myself look good the first day that trick would work ;) I actually looked really nice for church Sunday,grey dress pants,black sweater,necklace,high heeled black boots,red wool coat,even did my hair! Man it's a good thing I don't work in an office,I couldn't dress up every day, I like my jeans and t shirts with my comfy hoodies and tennis shoes or this time of year my warm boots.I am not a glamour girl by any stretch.

Erin said...

Sweet potato and molasses stew?! Yum! You have to post that recipe, it sounds delicious!

Mrs. Furious said...

I linked all the recipes into the post. Click on the them and they'll take you to my recipe posts.

They are all also in my recipe section in the lower left hand side of my sidebar.

Mrs. Furious said...

Hey Cara & Heather!!!
I finally linked the recipes into the post.

Nutmeg said...

Two things:

1) You look great in the morning.

2) I TOTALLY wear the same thing two days in a row ALL the time. I try to coordinate that with the days I manage to take a shower, so I'm putting on clean clothes when I'm clean. I pretty much always wear jeans so I usually go through a pair a week! Unless I baked something messy.

Mrs. Furious said...

lol... I do the reverse clean clothes when I'm dirty... dirty clothes when I'm clean... that way I'm half clean.

Added bonus I can go two weeks without doing the laundry!

Amy said...

I really wanted to reach through the computer and fix that little loopy hair piece on top of your head.

My morning bedhead is completely out of control. Can we say "light socket"? I seriously put my hair in a ponytail when I sleep to tame the wild beast.

Oh, and I will work on the tuna casserole/family fiasco story, probably via email sooner or later.

Okay, one more thing.

I did a whole freaking hour on the elliptical tonight. At 30, the tingles in my feet started. I had to start lifting my feet every so often. It was uncomfortable, it was a pain in the ass, but it got completed. They never went fully numb at least. I so prefer walking on the treadmill for the hour. If it wasn't for Prison Break, it would have been pure torture. Funny thing is though, I totally thought I'd burn more cals on it. Nope. The same!

Heather said...

I love this video. Here's why:

1. the bedhead. Loving it!
2. Kid apparently back to smokin crack.
3. It's friggin chaos there! But maybe that's how it is with kids?
4. Mr F asking what you're doing... hilarious!
5. Saying that if you make it 5 you'll only do 4. Dude, I understand. I really need to stop saying dude.

cardiogirl said...

Hey when you do Pilates are you using a DVD and doing that at home or are you taking a class with live people? How are you doin' that?

Mrs. Furious said...

interesting... treadmill is easier isn't it? Stick to it. Might be the incline burns more than even the higher tension on the elliptical.
I was working out to Prison Break myself!

Dude... it is like a dude epidemic... it is driving everyone I know crazy but I can NOT stop.

see my new post... yes you can use turkey meatballs!

I actually have my own reformer & trap table extension. I trained for a really long time and can do the exercises myself at home now.

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