Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This One's For You

Ever have one of those days when you just don't want to do it? You just don't want to exercise or follow your diet or whatever.
Well even Mrs F has those moments.... we all do.

I sucked it up and you can too. You can still turn it around, make yourself proud, and reach your goal...one day at a time.


Kiki said...

I am reading/watching this at 11:31 p.m, I just bought a cocktail dress tonight, a size bigger than I ever had before...I want to cry. Instead, its going to have to be the serious kick in the pants I need. I'm off to do an exercise video.

Mrs. Furious said...

Yay Kiki yay!!! Not about the wanting to cry... the working out at 11:31... you're a night owl... you can do it!!!

Amy said...

i have done your cardio challenge for now for more than a week's straight with the only day off being Sunday. I hope you're happy... :)

Mrs. Furious said...

I am happy. Good job.

Amy said...

I always say, "if you wait until you want to do it, you never will". It's just something ya gotta do, whether ya like it or not!

After a great week of eating, 4 days of 60 min. cardio, 2 days weight training...lost 2 lbs! Finally hit my 30-lb mark!

Mrs. Furious said...

Amy (CA),
Yay yay yay yay Yay!!!
Great job.
Congrats on the 30.
See?!? Crazy Cardio = results. Believe it.

Marie said...

I just found your blog about a week or so ago and LOVE it! While I don't think I can do 6 days yet (and still walk!) I did up my time to 45 minutes and changed it to the intervals (1.5 min at 0%, 1.5min at 6%) and boy does it make the time go by quicker! And rather than 6 days a week, decided to shoot for every other day. So far so good! OK, enough rambling.

emmyjw said...

Amen sister! I didn't want to go yesterday and workout,it was cold out,I have a cold,I was tired from 4 consecutive days of less than 4 hours of sleep blah blah blah...I almost gave in to my excuses,but I didn't.I went and did 60minutes of intervals on the treadmill,and I am so glad I did! You are so adorable,motivating and honest but not mean or threatening,gotta love it. OK,going to homeschool co-op,my all day nursery workin,diaper changin marathon :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, first of all .. I think I love you! lol. Thank you so very much for that video. For taking the time like that for me. I wish there was a way I could keep it forever so that when I need some motivation I could just watch it.

I tried the treadmill thing yesterday. I did the hour. It was not easy. It wasn't hard in a cardio sense of hard, but in a muscle fatigue sense. Like I could not do more if I tried. I started out at 3.0 speed and like 40 mins through I had to go down to 2.7 mph for the rest of the time. I wasn't like dripping sweaty. Just a little bit.

Anyway, thank you so very very much. =) YOU ROCK!


Mrs. Furious said...

Oh thanks!
That sounds like a GREAT workout. Seriously. You are much further along then when I started. And you will be surprised at how quickly you get in shape and can do more.
good luck :)

thank you.
and good job lugging it over to the Y in the cold... not sure I would have done then ;)

Julie said...

Hey Mrs F,
I am finally caught up now watching the videos and reading. You totally crack me up when you do a video in your car outside the preschool. So funny.
I have not done cardio as much this week as I planned, BUT I did it more than last week. Also I got some books on cd to listen to while I do the treadmill. I find I go longer when I am listening to a story or a NPR show since I want to listen until the end.

Tom is back from his business trip tomorrow night. Yahoo. I did not go to Jazzerise today because frankly I want to be ALONE. When your back up (husband in my case) is out of town, you have to be on with the kids all the time. Anyway, good for you getting on that treadmill! I also do the whole "just put the work out clothes on" even if I am not wanting to work out at all. Although, I admit there have been some days I just end up wearing super-tight jogbra and leggings all day long and still don't exercise. It's a nice look, let me tell ya. Especially being 40 pounds overweight. Yup, I think that it helps in the S-E-X department...as in the lack there of...hey, I do what I can to keep the marriage hot:)

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh you are welcome. I feel like I was a bit rambley... but hey I am... so that is hard to change.

Good job with the treadmill. Be careful not too workout so long that you can't do it again today or tomorrow... it is better to do less and be able to do it again until you get in better shape. It sounds like you were doing the right thing though... it is definitely an endurance workout and you shouldn't feel like you are having a heart attack but you should have moments where you just don't want to do it in a fatigue sort of way.

Mrs. Furious said...

you can't watch TV? I watch my Tivo shows and Mr f (when he does it which is RARE) watched movies.
i think I would lose my mind if I couldn't watch TV.

Julie said...

There is no tv where the treadmill is. I know that sucks, huh. Believe me, I would have the TV on if I could.

eurydice said...

I never really *want* to exercise. Sometimes mid-exercise when I'm thinking about stopping I remind myself that I'm lucky to be able to exercise so I better suck it up princess and just do it. Some people don't even have legs... that's right, no legs. So we should all be happy to have legs and use them and that's what motivates me. And looking good to of course.

Kiki said...

Mrs. F, I DID IT! I worked out for 25 min. and it felt good, I felt a little uncoordinated and goofy but I did one of the videos I've had forever and I'm going to do it again tonight!! Thanks for the kick, I needed it, that, and the dumb dress knocking me over the edge!

Mrs. Furious said...


and the dress is GORGEOUS. where is it from?

at least we have legs.... good point. hilarious, sad, and true all at once ;)

Kiki said...

Its from a department store that we have here, Dillards...don't know if they are over your way, but its like a Macy's. Thanks for the compliment.

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