Saturday, February 23, 2008

One Week Check-Up

Remember last week? Were you wondering if we were able to maintain our amazing kitchen and bath makeovers? Wonder no more...

Unfortunately it seems something had to take a backseat...


Nutmeg said...

NICE WORK Furiouses.

I'm thinking about my major hotspot and figuring how to keep it clean. Our kitchen can be messy but it has so little counter space it can't really be that bad. (4 feet).

Our problem is the dining room table. The dining room is sort of the middle of the house, on your way from one place to another between kitchen and living room and upstairs and living room and kitchen. And we don't really eat at the table.

I think if I make the decision to eat at the table every night, that might help, or I might just decide not to if it means in addition to cooking dinner I have to clean off the table.

It really is all about maintaining.

Nice job.

Mrs. Furious said...

We have a similar in the middle of everything dining room table. We do have to eat at it since we don't have an eat in kitchen.
Having anything on the table kind of makes me crazy because I do NOT like to eat around stuff. But I'm doing it now ;)
I like to start my morning with it cleared off and then we clean it off before dinner when we set the table. Mr F is all about leaving some random stuff on it though like a pencil or some toy he doesn't have a spot for... and that can piss me off when I just want to sit down to a nice clean table.
Ah well... one step at a time!

Southern Fried Girl said...

Nice job!! I'm impressed. :)

Marie said...

Very nice!! Our "hot spot" is the kitchen table. It is small (only 2 chairs) and is really only there for when someone is cooking, there is someplace for people to sit and talk w/ them. Or sometimes the girls eat there while I am cleaning the kitchen. BUT it is right by our kitchen doorway that leads to our hallway. Our hallway that has been under construction for over a year now. While new sheetrock is up and painted, we STILL have to put back up the trim. AND the baby is crawling all over, so those gates are there waiting to be put up. Needless to say, my poor table becomes the catch-all for my dh's tools. I HATE that. Can't even put them away because god knows how he organizes them. Right now, there is a drills et, a screw gun, a wrench, a big tool box, two boxes of god-knows what, and a bunch of screwdrivers on it. It's hopeless.

Anyways...congrats on your success!!!

Torey said...

Excellent work!! Think of how proud Martha Stewart would be!!

I'm on week 5 (I think) of keeping the house clean. It's awesome. It's sort of like the workout thing. I hate doing it before bed, but I feel great in the morning.

We have a kitchen table, no dining room and the same table problem. I've made it part of my routine. We have limited counter space, so our drying rack is small and gets full easily. So the first thing I do in the kitchen is clean the table off. My laptop may stay for the day, but must be removed for dinner. I use the table as a drying rack for the duration of kitchen cleaning, and then clear it off at the end. Then (VERY IMPORTANT!!) I set the table. I don't care if we're not eating there until tomorrow night, it gets set. Much harder to stack crap up when the table is set and ready to go.

Maybe that will help!!

Nutmeg said...

Torey that is so funny.

As I Was cleaning the table just now I was thinking maybe if I kept the table set, we couldn't just throw things all over it willy nilly.

Here's my confession. We eat at the coffee table. We used to eat watching TV at the coffee table but since Eli eats with us we don't watch TV anymore, but we still eat at the coffee table because 1. Habit and 2. it means I don't need to clean the dining room table. My kitchen is DEFINITELY not eat in.

I was just saying to M. that its funny because it's not like we don't have a designated spot for all the crap on the table. We just don't PUT it there.

Anyway. I'm going to be keeping the dining room table set (with four settings, even though only two will get used. Our table is huge and if we just set two that would leave a lot of extra space to throw crap on)

Deb said...

Nicely done!

Just blame that mess on Canine F. He looks guilty.

Danielle said...

Way to go! I'm impressed. I always have a "backseat"!

Mrs. Furious said...

LOL that reminds me... maybe I should go clean out the car! A family of 6 could easily live in there and survive for quite sometime on all the half drunk choc milks (its so cold don't worry they are practically refrigerated!) peanut butter sandwich cookies, choc graham cookies, etc.

Mrs. Furious said...

I know about the tool problems.
Just last week I had to call Mr F and say "um next time you leave a SAW on the floor feel free to give me a heads up!"
I too feel completely unqualified to put them away.


alright if you set the table does that mean you serve from your table?
I don't know if this will work for me either way... only because we actually eat at the table 3x a day and I am serving from the kitchen. I was thinking of removing the table cloth between meals which requires me to clear it off in order to put it on before we eat (get it?)... I might try that next week.

this is so stupid but it is making me laugh anyway... Wouldn't it be funny if you took it one step further (into the absurd) and set it for 6?

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh he is too blame for the giant mess of shredded kleenex all over the upstairs hall... goddamn bastard

Torey said...

Hmm. . .we're in the kitchen, so I do serve at the table. There isn't enough counter space. . .

You could always put out the majority of the setting and serve plate in the kitchen. We put out water glasses that we use every night and our cloth napkins too, so it takes up a bit of space.

A bit of advice that we've found works wonders is to take the leaves (is that right?) out of the table when it's just the two (3) of us. It means that we have to have another place to put the excess chairs, but no biggie. That way smaller table=smaller mess.

Nutmeg said...

Mrs. F! That is hysterical.

Here's the most absurd part of that.

We HAVE six chairs. Four were stained and finished by me when we bought them right after we moved in almost 4 years ago.

The other two are in the basement.

Unfinished still.

I'm still a little teary from laughing at setting it for six.

And no... I haven't finished cleaning it off yet!

Mrs. Furious said...

Do it. Mark will think you've lost it. Plus you'll never be able to accumulate that many dirty dishes this way.

michelline said...

Nice job, Furious Family! I wish I could say our house is perfectly uncluttered right now, but I'd be lying if I did :) We're having a huge Easter party in a few weeks, so we're concentrating on the lawn work right now. I have a god-awful amount of Sago Palms I'm trying to cut back and then out right now. Sagos are beautiful, but I can't wait to get the goddamned things out of my yard. Way too much work. And the rest of the beds are taking too much work too. Want to trade houses for the next couple of months? Then we can have winter and you can enjoy the outdoors... :)

Cara said...

Wow! Looking good!

Mrs. Furious said...

thanks! You know it is not easy for us... so keeping it clean (and the kitchen no less) is a major accomplishment! :)

Mrs. Furious said...

If the trade involves gardening... you don't want to trade with me. Let's just say I do NOT have a green thumb!

Kid Art said...

Yay Furiouses!!!

Mrs. Furious said...

thanks Emily :)

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