Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sweet Dreams

"Remember tomorrow there is no school.... so feel free to sleep in.
Take a nice long sleep and sleep as long as you can." I say to Kid as she gets ready for bed

"Okay" Kid says as she heads up the stairs


Deb said...

Seriously, when do they start sleeping? My kid is 19 months old. I'm still waiting. While we're on the topic, when can I expect him to sleep in his own bed? Right now, I can't get out of bed to pee without him waking up and pitching a hissy fit.

Mrs. Furious said...

don't get me freaking started!
I've got to go to bed since Baby is totally pulling the "I'll only sleep if I can feel you" shit right now.. I've already been up 3 times in the last 20 minutes!

Check back tomorrow for the full scoop on how I got Kid out of bed!

Kiki said...

My nephew is 8.5 and he still gets up,comes downstairs and wakes my sister every morning. She sends him right back up and tells him to come back when its light out. When he stays with auntie Kiki I just throw back the covers and he snuggles in until I'm ready to get up....can't fight it when I'm exhausted.

Hope you get some rest Mrs.F, see you tomorrow.

Julie said...

What a sweet pea! I love the little piggy tails!

My 6 year old still has that "I'll only sleep if I can feel you" thing...he never really did outgrow it...i'm just sayin'.

Marie said...

Too cute of a the pigtails! She looks like she's settled in w/ a nice cup of coffee and some gossip! She looks so grown up!

My oldest "baby" is turning 4 in less than a month...I swear everytime I see her she looks "older"...forget the sleeping, how do I keep her small????

Robin said...

Mrs. F- seriously...she is beautiful. What I wouldn't do for her complexion!

forget the sleeping, how do I keep her small????
LOL, I wish I knew.

Nutmeg said...

I'm totally with Marie. E. is TOO BIG already and he barely weighs 20lbs! He's not allowed to be a little boy. Although I will allow it if it means I get some sleep.

Kid is seriously cute right now.

katieo said...

So cute. She really does look like she could be the long lost sibling on Little House on the Prairie...

(and Robin and Marie,
forget the sleeping, how do I keep her small???

Mrs. Furious said...

Hey guys,
just first need to put out there that those are crazy rag curls... now look again with that in mind and does it not remind you of an old Shirley Temple movie?! So cute.

John Howard said...

While we're on the topic, when can I expect him to sleep in his own bed?

My son is 5, and he's been sleeping in his own bed for the last two weeks. I had to bribe him with Transformers for the first week, but it appears to have paid off.

michelline said...

My son is 5, and he's been sleeping in his own bed for the last two weeks. I had to bribe him with Transformers for the first week, but it appears to have paid off.

Well, bribing and a new bed! Does he sleep in the top or bottom?

Mrs. Furious said...

Ugh... I had a whole comment that went into the internets!

On the topic of kids and keeping them small....

When I came home from the hospital with Baby it was like I could see Kid through a new lens and I finally could see that she was HUGE! The differential between a tiny baby and a 40+ pound 4 year old was almost too much for my mind to absorb... it really freaked/does freak me out! Until I gave birth I could carry her no big deal... she was still my "baby". After Baby it is like "Give me a break! You are made of lead! You are 6 ft tall! You can walk!"
The realization of her getting bigger was so abrupt and sudden that I've kind of been traumatized by it. She is 5.5 and isn't that much smaller than me. Her legs are long and awkward when she sits in my lap... I'm always very aware of her bigness... and it breaks my heart. I'm sure once Baby is a bit older and their size differential is smaller (and they both seem big) she won't seem so much like a GIANT to me. But then again they'll both probably be much taller than I am so it is really only a matter of time until they are BIGGER than their mom... which is the weirdest thought!

Anonymous said...

your Daughter is so cute. The reason I am writing is because I am so crazy about those darn Vans Waffles....I just bought two more boxes...I stay filled until lunch. I have two with an applesauce. Awesome. Thanks for telling about them!


Mrs. Furious said...

I moved Kid into her room at 3. Then I slept with her in her little bed until she was asleep and then left and returned every time she woke up and repeated the process. In a couple months (baby steps) we worked on getting her to fall asleep on her own be sitting in a chair in her room until she was asleep. Once she mastered that she started sleeping through the night. We did not do any of the move the chair slowly out of the room business. We just read the books, snuggled, and then sat in the chair (yes this took about 30-60 minutes but the pay off was worth it). We stuck with that for the next year ... hey it was working so why mess with it. And then we started to drop the sit in the chair part. She goes to bed just fine and sleeps through the night. The new bed with me in it until the goes to bed while you sit in the chair but sleeps through the night bit took a total of 6 months. She was 3 at the time though.

okay got to do a weird science experiment... I'll be back

Mrs. Furious said...

Tell me about it! I love them. Any day I don't have them I regret it. They are the most satisfying and filling thing I've ever had for breakfast.
I'm glad you like them :)
I always have 3 boxes in the freezer... I don't want to take any chances ;)

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh Yes! John's comment reminded me.... and this might be KEY...
when Kid started in her own bed the "toy fairy" came and left a small unwrapped toy when she slept completely through the night. Surprisingly this didn't take long... she was totally into and proud of herself at first but I was able to phase it out pretty quickly. Really. It didn't cost much and within a month or two the toy fairy didn't come at all and it wasn't an issue.

Shirls said...

does kid no longer need her glasses? I have to say she rocked the glasses, so adorable :0)

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh God No... she'll need glasses for the rest of her life! She doesn't wear them when she's getting ready for bed (nighttime snack featured here). She is actually great at wearing them and never complains or takes them off... we really lucked out with that one since she started wearing them at 2.

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