Monday, February 18, 2008

This Week The Plan

This Week's Menu is Brought to You by Canine:

This should be a really cheap week. The only things I need to buy are for the Chicken Soup this weekend. Everything else I have already got in the freezer! Thanks Canine :)

Monday - Spaghetti & Meatballs w/ steamed broccoli & carrots

Tuesday - Chicken, Shrimp, & Veggie Faux Lo mein

Wednesday - Tomato & Meatball Soup w/ salad

Thursday - believe it or not we are going on a real date! (unheard of)

Friday - Cornflake Crusted Tilapia w/ green beans

Saturday - Take Out

Sunday - Chicken Soup & Homemade Bread

Diet & Exercise:
I'm trying to get up to at least 20% of my caloric intake coming from protein. I probably started out two weeks ago at about 40-50 grams of protein and I need to bump it up to at least 100 grams a day. I will say that on the days I get close to 100 grams I am MUCH more satisfied throughout the day and have a lot less sugar cravings. Now keep in mind that I eat over 2000 calories a day so 100 grams is the goal for me. If you want to aim for 20% protein divide your calories by 5 and then that number by 4... the result will be your protein gram goal. This is not by any means a cray high protein diet but if you are a carb oriented person like myself this might be a good way to try and balance your diet out.

Last week I didn't make all my exercise days... that seems to be the story of my life lately! This week I'm shooting for 3 Crazy cardio session of 70-80 minutes each and 2 full hours of pilates. If I can't seem to fit in more 5 days (and I can't) then I'm just going to working really hard on the days I do workout. FYI.... I've got a new incline routine for anyone that is bored or has acclimated to my old routine... this one KICKS your ass. I'll post about it tomorrow.

Cleaning, Chores & Errands:
You may recall that I've mentioned our new carpet issues.... you know that something is shedding all over it and I have to vacuum at least every other day now otherwise it looks like this:

Well I think I've identified the culprit:

We got this blanket for Christmas, and although it is soft and warm, having bits all over the rug isn't worth it! So I'm putting it in the basement for the week to test my theory out.
In the meantime here's what I've got on tap:

Monday - vacuum & stain treat

Tuesday - grocery shop and run laundry

Wednesday - put away laundry (wait till you see the modifications we've made in this department!)

Thursday - write & send Baby's b'day thank yous (finally got out Kid's xmas ones last week!)

Friday - vacuum & spend time online shopping for a new desk (that has storage!)

Saturday - spend 45 minutes doing actually cleaning
(kids are crazy I'll be back....)


Deb said...

I love seeing that dog!

Mrs. Furious said...

I know you do ;)

Too bad I spend 95% of my day wishing he were dead!
Like this morning when I awoke to his incessant barking at the FedEx man.

Deb said...

Don't feel too guilty. My husband said something the other day about how we're going to come downstairs one morning and find our old dog dead. Before I could even think, I said, "Great, one more thing for me to clean up." OOPS.

Heather said...

Hilarious picture of Canine! Did you already post the chicken soup recipe?

Andrea said...

I dont check in for a couple of days and lo and behold crazy stuff has happened. Just wanted to say you rock and just so you know I read every label count every calorie and am generally feeding my family better because I see it can be done.

Mrs. Furious said...

no the real deal chicken soup is not posted... I will though.
THIS is the much faster, easier, and virtually identical outcome version though. Really honey & dill are key here.

Mrs. Furious said...

LOL. Before kid's I loved that dog in an unhealthy manner.... now I hate him.

Oh thank you :)

As it turns out you can do all that but you can't do it and clean ;)

KT said...

I have the exact same relationship with my pooch....!! I thought I couldn't ever live without him.... then I had kids, and well.......
bleh. It's a sad, sad thing.

Sherry/Shay said...

I'm trying to up my protein count as well. I prepared four cans of tuna last night for the next couple of days so I'm one step closer. I also purchased some Egg Beaters Egg Whites for omelets in the mornings. I'm not certain how this will fare because I don't have time to eat at home; I have to eat at work. I COULD get up earlier, but I already get up at 6am. I'm not sure how a reheated omelet will taste. I already have a hard time eating eggs as it is--just not a fan! If you come up with ways to sneak protein in your "diet", please let me know. I had 1 can of tuna on one slice of bread cut in half (like your half sandwiches) for lunch whereas I would've had some processed something for lunch. Go me!

Mrs. Furious said...

made worse by the fact that he was completely spoiled so his lack of training isn't exactly his fault. And of course he is a small breed and will live another nine freaking years!! Oh and I pay $60 to get him groomed every 6 weeks... and his "special" diet costs $60 a month! He is so annoying AND high maintenance!
BUT the kids love him... if only he would sleep in Kid's bed ;)

Mrs. Furious said...

How many grams are you going for?

I, too, don't love eggs... especially first thing in the AM.

I've just been trying to be conscious of it. I'm eating a fair amount of PB for my snacks. I've noticed that some breads have more than others and that adds up. Also if you aren't using Barilla Plus pasta you might want to switch it's got 10 g per 2 oz vs regular with is 7 g per 2 oz.

I'm thinking about grilling chicken breasts in the beginning of the week and having that over salad for lunch which would be close to twice what I'm eating in my sandwich.

My neighbor suggested the Zone protein bars I think they are 20 g but I don't like them. I'll eat the Kashi Go Lean Rolls sometimes and they are 12 g.

ugh.... it takes a lot of mental work doesn't it?!?

Daniela said...

It is actually strange how much my dinner menu is starting to look like yours.

Tomorrow (tues): Salmon Noodle Casserole and salad

Wed: Sweet Potato & Molasses Beef stew (your recipe, which is fantastic) and biscuits

Thurs: Kickass Ranch Chicken (my recipe, which I can give to you, if you'd like) steamed broccoli & carrots

Friday: Tacos (kid's choice) which I make with ground turkey (my choice)

Saturday: Lacquered Salmon with brown rice and zucchini

Mrs. Furious said...

LOL... yes we are certainly eating alike these days!

Yes please give me the chicken recipe!

Daniela said...

I'll email it to you. It does call for powdered Ranch dressing mix... do you eat that?

Kelly O said...

Mrs. F, have you tried making anything with Jennie O Turkey? I make their turkey meatloaf and its yummy. Now I'm seeing a bunch of people blogging about like turkey pepperoni, turkey sausage etc. My trainer Mr. Jay says turkey stuff like that is pretty much the ideal protein to eat a lot of...then eggs, tuna, chicken (which I am so sick of I could die) and seafood.

Kelly O said...

Protein Pancakes are yummy too!!! Major yum!

Mrs. Furious said...

Kelly O,
First let me ask you this important question... is the extra protein making you constipated?! I'm just sayin'...

Protein pancakes? Lay 'em on me.

Kelly O said...

Mrs F, no I have not been constipated in the least. I personally think that the only way you would get constipated is if you went like psycho lo-carb like Atkins.....I get plenty of fiber either through fruits, vegies and I also make a yummy fiber shake from Arbonne that gives 13g of fiber, which is half the daily recommended dose for us. Oats have a good amount too. The Oatmeal panacakes I make are simple:
in blender, put 10 egg whites, 2 scoops of protein powder, 1 cup cottage cheese, 1 cup oatmeal. Add some Splenda if you wish or I will squirt some sugar free syrup in the batter. Blend. Using a 1/4 cup to dish into the grill pan, cook. This "recipe" makes about 12 pancakes and each one is about 80 calories, which could be less if you used low fat cottage cheese; I don't. These are (in my opinion) yummy; add some sugar free jam on top with syrup and seriously they are YUM. I use a GREAT line of protein powders called BSN Lean Dessert (check my blog to see where to order the cheapest) - all kinds of yum flavors like Cinnamon Roll and Banana Cream. I honestly don't feel like I'm on a hard eating program (i.e hard to do) but getting the protein in is pretty easy; I have oatmeal/protein powder for breakfast, I usually have a shake or a bar for one of my snacks, lunch is tuna salad/egg salad/turkey meatloaf etc. and green beans or something similar and dinner is supposed to be strictly protein/greens.

Sherry/Shay said...

I rarely cook beef. I use turkey sausage, 93% lean ground turkey, turkey Italian Sausage, turkey brats, turkey bacon, turkey breakfast name it and I likely use it! I cook meatloaf, stuffed peppers, turkey burgers, Italian sausage with veggies. The possiblilities are endless!

Mrs. Furious said...

Kelly O,
well good to know on the constipation front because it was making me a bit nervous to up my intake even more (I'm a bit of digestive wreck in general).
I'm totally checking into those protein shakes... cinnamon roll?! who knew!

I've only really used ground turkey in stuff... I walked by the whole Jenny O case TODAY and didn't get anything... I'll have to investigate it and make my meal plans up around it.

Haley said...

Jumping into the protein conversation a bit late, but here's my strategy...

South Beach High Protein Cereal Bars are really yummy and have 10 grams of protein, so they've become my go-to snack. As a non-chocolate and non-peanut butter eater (not by choice, they give me migraines) it is nearly impossible to find good snack bars, but south beach has a cinnamon-raisin variety that rocks.

Mrs. F -- I do the whole chicken breast prep early in the week and it works really well. I just broil a few, weigh them, and put them in plastic sandwich bags to be thrown into salads and such throughout the week. I even nosh on them plain as a snack when I'm really in a hurry.

And as long as you maintain a steady fiber intake, everything should keep moving along smoothly...

BTW, the elliptical has arrived! Man, I'm beat... you never realize just how out of shape you are until you can't make it through a full Will and Grace episode without collapsing in a panting fit!

Mrs. Furious said...

I have to say I'm pretty sure that the extra protein is making me constipated! But I have a super sensitive stomach and don't always respond well to dietary changes (kind of like a dog) I'm going to have to work on that.

Chicken breasts... I didn't do it this week but I'm doing it next week. I actually love to eat them cold on their own too... makes me really feel like a carnivore though ;)

PB & Chocolate... and migraines!! That is unfortunate!

And Yay for the elliptical. You'll be in shape in no time!

Mrs. Furious said...

oh yes by the way I'll eat it.

Haley said...

"PB & Chocolate... and migraines!! That is unfortunate!"

Ugh, tell me about it! Not to mention red wine, nuts, and aged cheese (i.e. good cheese).

Last week my boyfriends was like "I love you, but, man, I wish I could eat chocolate with you." Me too, sweettalker, me too...

Mrs. Furious said...

you know what's funny? Just yesterday I was thinking of posting about migraines. I don't get them but I know SO many people who do and thought it might make for a good conversation.

Haley said...

You bet -- I'd totally chime in. And sadly, this is one of those things that tends to afflict the ladies more than the gents.

I've been having them since the fourth grade when one day during a grammar lesson I just suddenly couldn't see the letters on the page because of flashing light in my eyes. This was, of course, the day the school nurse was out sick so my teacher figured I was going blind or something (not terribly reassuring to a child). And since the nurse's room was locked, I got to lay on a blanket on the floor at the FRONT of the classroom, while I waited for my mom. My friends figured I was dying so they were pretty nice to me.

It's definitly caused quite a bit of anxiety in my life, never knowing when I will suddenly not be able to see (long car trips are especially nerve racking since I had to make an unplanned two hour pit-stop in a church parking lot in the middle of Connecticut). And I feel like most people don't recognize how debilitating they can be and think you just have a bad headache.

Anywho, moan, moan, moan. Things could be much worse!

Mrs. Furious said...

I'm doing it ... I'm posting it tomorrow so come back and lay it all out there.
My best friend gets them and routinely has to miss work. It is one of those things where if you don't have them you don't have a clue.

poor 4th grade you... that is kind of funny and sweet in a sad way.

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