Friday, May 23, 2008

Like She Was In On The Joke

"You're making me nervous!" Mrs F exclaims to a naked Kid.

"It's like you're on Crack Cocaine this morning!" Mrs F continues.

Kid cackles wildly, menacingly brandishing a wooden spoon, as if to prove the point.


swienick666 said...

It sounds as though Kid and the 5-year-old SawSaw would have been been best buds, what am I talking about Kid and the 21-year-old Saw Saw would BE best buds.


Kiki said...

Kids alway get the joke...and they are scary reflections of ourselves...while not a parent, when I am with my nephews and niece they reflect back to me all of my best and worst qualities...never failing though to keep me laughing and thankful for the bright and shining lovelies that they are. I imagine Kid and Baby are like that for you!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh yes... it can make me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Kid is exactly like me. Which is, of course, both a curse and a blessing.... and always interesting ;)

LOL. Oh Kid always enjoys a little adult attention... I'm sure you'd get on famously ;)

emmyjw said...

LOL! Ella loves to run around naked or in her favorite magical purple pony underwear laughing like a hyena and shaking her crazy mop like she's head banging. When I tell her maybe she should get dressed she looks at me like I have horns, cackles and runs away. AHHH good times.

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