Monday, May 19, 2008

This Week The Plan

Well it turns out last week went straight to Hell. Shockingly I still managed to get in 3 hours of exercise and kick some weight loss ass. That's the upside. The downside is apparently I've been slowly destroying our familial connections. Whoops.

Onto This Week:

I feel I'm onto something with the weight loss and fine tuning my maintenance phase. I'll probably write more about that this week. As some of you know I've been kind of teetering at the very top end of my maintenance range, and while this week's loss was largely fueled by stress, I do think I've come up with a better way to stick more toward the middle.

We still don't know about the job. Mr F will be talking with them this week so lets hope I have an update on that sometime soon. I'd really like to move forward on that front but as I've said before I just can't start clearing stuff out until I have the official word. I'm somewhat paralyzed by the enormity of the project.


Monday - Tomato & Meatball Soup

Tuesday - Brown Sugar & Ginger Salmon, Veggie Stirfry, and Spring Rolls

Wednesday - date night

Thursday - Tomato & Onion Salad, Hummus, Turkey & Pita

Friday - take out

Saturday - Hamburgers, Coleslaw & Watermelon

Sunday - Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Diet & Exercise:
Monday - Friday stick to 1900 calories, Sat - Sunday stay under 2200. Mr F has some crazy freelance stuff going on so I'm not sure how much exercise I'll get to fit in... I'm hoping for 3 - 60+ cardio routines (back to the intense hill intervals).

Errands & Chores:
Kid has been going through a crazy growth spurt and is eating us out of house and home. I'd been trying to limit my shopping down to one or two stores but this week I'm just going to hit them all and restock. That kid can really throw back the food!

Monday - Regular grocery store, clean stove, laundry

Tuesday - Whole Foods & Trader Joes, vacuum stairs

Wednesday - Call Accountant re: crazy ass tax penalty fee !?!?

Thursday - Kid's field trip

Rest of The Week - my mind is blanking I'll update later


Cara said...

I know I am moving and I am still almost paralyzed by the enormity of the cleaning and packing i will have to have complete in less than 2 weeks. Ahh!

Deb said...

Well, based on the things I've seen from your family, I think you should be working harder and faster to destroy those familial connections. ((HUGS))

Margo said...

Good luck with your week! I go away for a few days (actually, just haven't had time to check blogs) and I see that I missed the sh$% storm. Glad you've recovered and have a great attitude about it! Kudus to Mr. F too!! I, for one, LOVE the videos and the recipes. I know I'm a bit late, but just had to tell you again that you truly are inspiring. Not just what you've done with your weight loss, but how you and your family relate, interact and manage (especially with dealing with the scarines of having a sick child). I go crazy when the dog or the kitten isn't feeling well - I can't imagine how it would be with a child. Have a great week!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Wow.... 2 weeks!! That's fast. Good luck with all the packing.
Are you moving yourselves?
I think you guys will LOVE Austin.


Thank you. :)

P.O.M. said...

Way to get back on track.

The date was really nice. He's cute, funny and very active (as opposed to ex lazy men). We are going to see eachother again soon. There was a little smoochy action at the end, too!

Mrs Furious said...

Yay!! I'm happy for you :)

Cara said...

I am moving with the boyfriend, but have help from the boyfriend's dad and my family is helping us pack up the truck. We are not hiring movers though, because I did not get THAT much of a sign on bonus. hah. :-)

Mrs Furious said...

yeah I'm not sure we're going to get our move covered (if the job comes through) but we have too much to do it ourselves (thank God!!... I can't even imagine trying).
Good luck!!

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