Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Me No Likey

So today was Kid's 2nd day at "Safety Town". It's a half day camp program for 4-5 year olds who will be entering Kindergarten in the Fall. I had a lot of ambivalence going into it to begin with. It is only a 5 day program and that is almost the worst case scenario for Kid and her epilepsy protocol stuff. Despite a pretty disconcerting first day... with an office FULL of upset/angry moms all waiting in line to discuss their kid's health issues... I left her there anyway. (Really it was horribly managed more on that later... maybe)

Well Kid enjoyed it and was ready to head back today. We arrived a little late and the teacher (a real teacher... 34 year veteran of the AAPS system) was asking them to sit on the floor in front of her. Something happened (maybe a small injury) and a boy started dramatically crying. To this the teacher snapped (and I mean snapped) "Oh come on it didn't hurt you'd already stopped crying... we talked about this yesterday... KNOCK IT OFF... you aren't a two year old!"

Say what?! This is this kids first "school" experience. This is his 2nd day. He is maybe 5 years old. I wanted to grab Kid's hand and march her right out of there. I didn't... not because I think this teacher had any grounds to treat a child that way... she doesn't. But because I know Kid liked it yesterday and was looking forward to the bike riding today. I also know she won't be reprimanded since she wouldn't dare not do what she was told.... still it really pisses me off. So I plan to discuss this with the Director when I go back for pick-up.


Jennifer said...

You said it right in your post .. a 34 year veteran. There is a fine line between an experienced teacher and one that is waiting on retirement. They get to the point where they have "seen it all" and just don't care anymore. They have no patience and they become desensitized.

I see so many teachers at school that should not be teaching anymore, but they are not at retirement age yet. It is awful. The district knows about them, but there is nothing they can do because the teacher has tenure and a huge union behind them.

It is frustrating.

Glad that kid liked it though! :)

angie said...

Ugh. So sad. Poor little guy.

Glad Kid likes it though. Every kid I know who has done it has loved it. In theory it's a good program.

Hoping today feels more manageable.

Erin said...

AS IF the teacher spoke the little guy that way! Even if he was being overly dramatic - isn't it HER JOB to be compassionate and caring (or act that way), even if she wants to be snappish? That is so so awful. Not a fun introduction to school for him. I agree with Jennifer, I think you might see actions like that from older teachers who are almost done their careers. Of course not all of them....but a some of them.

Mrs Furious said...

"I see so many teachers at school that should not be teaching anymore, but they are not at retirement age yet. "

I have to say most of the parents have been overwhelmed by the complete disorganization.

It was terrible... so totally WRONG!

Julie said...

Whoah. I can't believe they had that particular teacher with the little ones. That is so wrong.

Colleen "The Moderator" Sullivan said...

As a teacher, I have to say a big boo on that teacher's behavior. Sorry you and kid had to experience it. :(

Deborah said...

This brings back some unpleasant memories. This kind of attitude was exactly why I homeschooled my daughters for a couple of years. My oldest had a 5th grade teacher who apparently took a dislike to us and to her from the git-go. I finally told the teacher to lay off, that A. was having an off year and I was willing to accept that. As long as she wasn't failing, there were a lot of things going on in the family that were causing her an awful lot of stress, so LAY OFF. She didn't, and i took her out of school. Best decision I ever made; we homeschooled two years, then she asked to go back to school. I was tired of wrestling with the teacher, an apathetic school system, an assistant principle on the brink of retirement who wasn't going to do a damn thing, other smug parents whose kids had been meved en masse into the only decent teacher's class that year -- want me to go on? I can still work up a lather about that year! Good luck to you - I can tell you would be great at homeschooling. It was a great two years for us--gave us the flexibility to take the kids to England. (sorry about going on and on!)

Mrs Furious said...

OMG... it gets worse!
Kid just told me the teacher "was so mad at one of the boys that she said she'd put him in daycare"
When I asked what for she said "because he was being a baby and crying."
Now Kid wouldn't have said the "being a baby" part so I know the teacher was calling him a baby. I'm fucking outraged! Thank God Kid isn't attending this school in the fall.
I'm withdrawing her.
The last thing I want is for her to fear her teacher... and she's very aware and very sensitive. She gets it... that's why she waited until the very end of the night to tell me.

That was not too long. I'm always interested to hear about people's homeschooling experiences... especially ones where kids have transitioned back and forth.
And I appreciate your faith in me... not having a break 24/7 is the thing that worries me most ;)

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