Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I was hoping I'd hear back from the Director before camp started this morning but I didn't... so I kept Kid home from Safety Town. It helped that she had a b'day party she could attend so she didn't think she was missing out on anything.

I just got back from running errands and there was a VERY concerned and apologetic message from the Director left on our machine. (Phew!... seriously I was worried about how I'd handle it if she wasn't going to find the situation unacceptable).

So stay tuned she's going to get back to me later this afternoon!


Totally unsatisfactory response.

These were her choices for action:

#1 Tell the teacher that a parent overheard her saying harsh things to a student.

#2 Not say anything.

In addition to these 2 completely bogus "action plans" she is going to stop in the room at some point tomorrow.

Are you fucking kidding me?!?!


angie said...

phew. makes me feel better about AA schools :-)

fyi, just put in a call to steiner to check out their preschool program for 3 year olds :-)

Robin said...

That sounds promising. I'm glad to hear she is concerned about the situation.

Mrs Furious said...

Well she called and left that message & emailed me but I'm still waiting for the return call.
I'm getting frustrated since I need to decide if I'll send her tomorrow AM or not.

Heather said...

Don't send her. That's just my gut. :)

I just commented back to you.

Robin said...

That sucks. I'm pissed for you.

Torey said...

Eeeeek. . .That's not helpful at all. Nor is it reassuring.

I say. . .No-go.
And ask for a refund.

Can you do that?

Julie said...

Did she atleast agree that it was totally unacceptable?? I am not sure what she should do, but I can not believe one of the options was to say nothing. wtf? I can't believe that the teacher is in charge of the little ones (or even older kids, but still the little ones are just starting out school. This is their introduction to many, many years of school and learning. This is so disheartening.)

Sorry about all this.

Deb said...

Ugh. I hear stories like this, and I really do understand homeschooling. I don't think I can do it, but I completely get it.

Amy said...

Well, I'm not sure that shadowing would do any good. It would just make the lady be on her bestest behavior knowing that she was being watched.

I vote for a hidden camera!!!!

Erin said...

I would be SO tempted to tell the little boys mother what is going on. Maybe it isn't appropriate, but I would still be really, really tempted.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh if I knew who the boy was I would! I did take her today and waited around to see if I could figure out who it was but the teacher didn't say anything while I was there.
We shall see what Kid reports today!

I am writing a letter to her current principal at the school she teaches at in the school year and the superintendent. I might not get her fired but I can certainly get people to pay more attention!

AshinMT said...

Im with you Amy. A hidden camera!!
A: Catch and record this woman being an insensitive beotch, and be able to show the admin. in hopes that they can deal with her in the appropriate fashion.

B: You could end up horrified by the footage.

Amy said...

Sadly, the letter will probably make no difference. I'm sure that admin. know all about this teacher, and their hands are really tied (or they're not willing to go out on a limb for a kid) in doing anything productive to alleviate the issue.

I could write a book about my son's second grade teacher (and almost just did in your comments). It would be sufficient to say that this teacher has been terrorizing the students in her class for some years, and she periodically gets a meeting with some administrators, and goes back to terrorize some more.

I was so disgusted (as a person who gives the benefit of doubt to a fault), that my son is now enrolled in a gifted magnet program in another school district. His first day there, he was surprised to see one of his former classmates who had transferred out due to this awful woman.

Also: in second grade my son developed a tic, constantly clearing his throat - it definitely worried me - although for some reason I didn't associate it with stress from this teacher. Two weeks into summer vacation, it was gone - that's when I knew that I had to pull him from the situation in his former school.

If the gifted magnet hadn't worked out, I'd definitely be homeschooling him rather than to worry about him being in a situation like that again. I still feel pit-of-my-stomach-guilt that I didn't pull him out of school mid-year.

On the plus-side, my son has learned some really valuable lessons about overcoming adversity.

Marilyn said...

Mrs. F -- Yes, you should definitely write a letter! Bring this higher up -- I think the response you got was totally unacceptable. I actually think that letters can make a difference. Good luck.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh that is just terrible!!! I'm glad that you were able to advocate for your son and move him out of there!

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