Monday, July 7, 2008


Today I'm feeling it.
I'm exhausted... physically and emotionally.

P.S. I heard through the internets that Jon of J&K+8 got hair plugs. I did not see this episode (probably a good thing)... fill me in!

P.P.S. I made "Monkey Munch" ala Kate on J&K+8... fantastic.


Marie said...

The hair plug episode was GRAPHIC!! Well, a little graphic for my 4yr old who was watching with me (she likes all the kids, and I wasn't expecting surgery on that show!!). Put small holes along his receding hairline, then cut a strip of hair/scalp out of the back of his head, took the follicles out of that strip and individually inserted them into the holes they made in his head w/ tweezers.

What is the monkey munch?? I always tried to catch it, but never quite saw everything in it.

Heather said...

It was incredibly graphic -- agreed. So much so I couldn't watch it. Also, the kids had the flu and they kept showing them puking.

But basically a doctor in LA offered to do the surgery for free, so they flew out and had it done. We had to reset our Tivo over the weekend so we lost 6 episodes, so I don't know if you can tell a big difference before and after.

Check out my blog if you get a chance today. I need some love.

Julie said...

I thought about making the monkey munch, but I need to hold off since I AM trying to lose weight and we all know how well I do with the sweet snacks around.

Good to hear that it is good, though.

Andrea said...

Yes I agree show was more graphic than I thought it shouldve been for little ones. I have yet to make the monkey Munch as I will probably substitute thatfor every meal till its gone maybe Ill make this for baby day so Ill have a super yummy snack.
Heres what I caught on the episode I saw as far as a Recipe
9 cup Chex
1 cup chocolate chips
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup butter
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1 1/2 cup powdered sugar

Put cereal in large bowl. Melt chocolate chips, peanut butter, and butter. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla.

Pour over Chex cereal, put into a large plastic bag with powdered sugar and shake well to coat.

Sending happy thoughts and energy your way!

Robin said...

The hair plug episode was waaaaayyyy too graphic for me. I watched with my hands over my eyes.

I will have to hold off on the monkey munch. I know I would eat it all. Damn, it sounds good.

Marilyn said...

I watched the beginning of the hair plugs episode, but it was very graphic, and really made me not like Kate! She said that she wanted Jon to have the hair plugs because when she looks at him, he looks so old. What??!! That's a huge (and painful) request to make of someone -- it really seemed shallow and out of line. (I know a lot of you like Kate, and I do most of the time, but I just can't agree with her position on this one.)

Mrs Furious said...

Yikes well I'm glad I didn't watch that one (and Kid for that matter).

That is the Monkey Munch recipe I used but w/ 1 t vanilla instead of 1/4 t.
Also FYI I'm keeping it in the fridge.

I have to say the more I watch the show the more she annoys me... I just can't totally figure her personality out... or how I feel about it.

And you all might find this funny but I'm always worried that they might read these posts if they goggle themselves and I'm always afraid they'll be offended! So Jon & Kate if you're reading... no hard feelings :)

Southern Fried Girl said...

OMG, I missed it but I heard them allude to it in a different episode. I'm so glad I missed it after reading these comments. Ew.

Heather said...

Agreed Mrs F -- which is why it wasn't heartbreaking to lose 6 episodes. I can't figure out if I like her or not.

Mrs Furious said...

You know what I think it is?... I think as the show goes on and her comfortability with the crew strengthens (theory) that she plays more to the them. I enjoyed it more (even with bickering) when we were catching the action rather than how it has become. Every episode is planned now... like "girls day out" "boys day out" I preferred the regular more realistic episodes from the first season.

Tiffany said...

That episode kinda grossed me out. I don't wanna see holes being poked in someone's head. Um sorry I just wrote that. LOL And I'm not too sure about Kate either. She's kinda strange. Anyway I can't wait to make the "Munch". And do you think you could melt it in the microwave or would it get too hot? I'm asking you oh mighty baker. LOL

Mrs Furious said...

Yes! I microwaved mine and it turned out fine. I almost always melt choc in the microwave. Just be sure you take it out before it is completely melted and stir it until it melts completely.

Julie said...

I finally got around to watching a bunch of old episodes from months ago. I feel the same way as you all. I used to really like Kate. Now she seems really harsh at times. Still, she seems to run a pretty good household with 8 kids. They seem to get a lot of free stuff and services, but I still would not trade places.

I also liked it better when it was just the regular old days type of show, not the planned outings. I started fast forwarding the show just to get through it.

I have not seen the hair plug episode so I am glad I have the heads up on that.

Colleen "The Moderator" Sullivan said...

I didn't see that epi yet either, but I am kind of glad. I didn't much care for the teeth whitening one either. I think I am a sucker for those kids, that's what I am watching for. And, I totally agree about Kate's harshness at times it puts me off, but originally I loved her. Although if someone put a camera on me and heard the way I sometimes talk to my husband...yikes! =)

Julie said...

Although if someone put a camera on me and heard the way I sometimes talk to my husband...yikes! =)
Colleen, so true for me, too! LOL!

Bi0nicw0man said...

I just recently started watching J&K...I thought I wouldn't like it for some reason...but during a recent rainy day marathon I got hooked. The hair plug episode was gross, but Jon was freaking hilarious when he was all drugged up...and as big a bitch as Kate can be sometimes, I love it when she rolls her eyes at him. So melodramatic. Last night was the one-on-one with Mady, and she's going to be just like Kate...drama, drama, drama.

Thanks for the Monkey Munch recipe. I've seen that episode three times and DBF and I have been dying to try it out. Although, I did figure that it would have something banana-ish in it...LOL.

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