Thursday, July 10, 2008

While A New Bra Might Have Helped...

I'm sorry ladies but the Medium definitely fits better.

#1 The elastic in that first gather is annoyingly present when I where the Small... and it doesn't bother me at all in the Medium.

#2 Keep in mind these haven't been washed or dried yet and I really don't feel any room for shrinkage in that Small one.

Unfortunately I can't find a purple in Medium and that would be my first choice (although the hunt is on).
So grey or black?

Wondering about those earrings?


Chrissy said...

Mrs F - like the earrings but lose the dress. Not flattering on you at all in either size. This is like the dress version of sweat pants. All comfy but no shape and therefore looks a little frumpy. And you're not frumpy so why wear the dress? I'm not digging the t-shirty empire waist look for you.
You need something that is a little closer to the body. Like that great dress you wore a few months ago - I think you dug it out of the closet and it was cute beyoned belief.

Just a thought...of course, if you're trying to fit into the new hood...this does scream starving Asheville artist.

I'm not trying to be harsh or mean. I think you're body is too good for this look, that's all.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm not offended...
but I'm not wearing it as a "dressed up" dress... I'm literally wearing it as an everyday around the house w/ the kids dress. (I mean seriously... you should see what those kids do to my clothes!) In which case I'm happy for the comfort and tummy coverage ;) on a regular day while still looking a little better than when I'm wearing shorts.
But yes I could be pregs and still wear it which I understand is a fashion no-no ;)

Jenny O. said...

I disagree with Chrissy. I think it is young and fresh and trendy while still being totally mom-appropriate. ( In other words, you don't look like you're trying to be a 20-year-old, but you do look cute and young.)

I like it. Either color. And it is kind of the dress version of sweat pants, which is what I really enjoy. You could comfortably wear it anywhere- any occasion- depending on how you dress it up or down.

Mrs Furious said...

Jenny O,
Well you know where to get it ;)

eurydice said...

gray over black. pretty earrings too.

P.O.M. said...

I like the Gray better.
I have several dresses that might be considered "frumpy" or even "maternity" but I love them, for around the house, lounging with friends, very casual. My ex hated them. So now I wear them ALL the time. hee hee.

Andrea said...

I like the gray and the earrings are cute.

Julie said...

I love the black. But then that is the city thing in me...all black all the time. I might have to go check that dress out at Target.
This is a super chilling out dress to wear.

Julie said...

Plus, I think the black looks good with your dark hair.

Colleen "The Moderator" Sullivan said...

Love both colors, I myself would probably go with the black, but that is just me. And, love the earrings with your haircut. Super delicate and cute.

Staci said...

Keep them both! :)

I agree with jenny o, you look young and cute!

Plus, if you are just wearing them around the house/errands with the kids you'll need a back up. :)

Love the earrings too!

Eloise said...

I like the dress in either color. The style is very youthful and cute on you, and it looks like something you'd pull out often because it's comfortable and not fussy. These days it seems like maternity clothes are worn snug and regular clothes are blousy and high-waisted.

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